Hillary blames Russia, Facebook, fake news, Comey, voter ID laws, sexism, misogyny and Wikileaks for losing election

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Hillary Clinton is unable to cope with losing. In a recent interview with CBS, Hillary blamed the following reasons for her election night loss: Comey, Russia, Facebook, fake news, voter identification laws, sexism, misogyny and Wikileaks. It is important to point out, she did not take any responsibility. It was everyone else’s fault.
“I went from 26 points ahead to 13 points ahead, and I needed about 18 points in order to be sure to win Pennsylvania,” Clinton expressed, referencing the FBI’s re-opening of the email investigation. “I watched how analysts who I have a great deal of respect for, like Nate Silver, burrowed into all the data and said that ‘but for that Comey letter, she would have won.’”
“So it was very personal to me,” she continued, “I think my general election prospects were badly damaged because of that, so that even though I was starting to come back, it was not enough time to overcome it.”
She then began to place blame on former FBI Director James Comey for re-opening the investigation of her 30,000 missing emails.
“But even though [Comey’s letter] was the primary blow to my campaign at the very end, it has to be looked at in context, with the Russians weaponizing information, negative stories about me; this whole Wikileaks beginning to leak in early October of John Podesta’s emails, which if you read them all were, they’re pretty anodyne, but they were taken out of context; stories were made up about them.”
Clinton then claimed Facebook was involved in an advertising scandal with the Russians, working to undermine her campaign.
“We now know that Facebook was taking money from Russian companies to run negative stories about me,” she stated. “If you look at all of this, yes, it affected me and my campaign. But I am more concerned now going forward that we haven’t come to grips with what it means for future elections.”
She also expressed that voter identification laws, which she labeled “voter suppression,” was also responsible for her loss. This is the one real factor Clinton cited that makes sense, because if people of such states were not required to provide identification, she probably would have won. Corpses tend to vote Democrat.
“I would also add that the voter suppression that we now know had been in the works and really put into effect in a lot of states like Wisconsin and North Carolina, etc., played a role,” she said.
Clinton continued, claiming “sexism and misogyny, which are endemic to our society. And certainly as I write in my chapter called ‘On Being a Woman in Politics,’ have to be factored in as well.”
Hillary Clinton is completely delusional. In the CBS interview, she placed blame on eight factors, most of which had absolutely nothing to do with her loss. Rather than taking accountability, as a captain honorably going down with their sinking ship (that was her campaign), she is blaming everyone else for her failure to obtain the presidency. She is filled with arrogance, pride and has an inability to take responsibly for her actions.

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