Hibbs finishes book, plans collaboration

BUCKHANNON — Local author and Queens resident Sasha Hibbs is on a roll! Focused and determined, Hibbs is set to release her ninth book “A Mad Awakening” Friday, January 7 and is currently working on her first collaboration with Christina Hooker, owner of The Hair Apparent in Bridgeport.

The collaborators’ new project will be named “The Hanging Night.” After Hibbs read Hooker’s book “Falling is Like This,” the Upshur County native was swept away by Hooker’s lush prose. Once she reached out for a collaboration, Hooker was ecstatic to jump on board.

Hibbs began writing professionally approximately 13 years ago, however took a serious approach to the craft in 2006 while studying at Davis and Elkins College. When two English professors noticed Hibbs’ phenomenal potential, they encouraged her to take even further. “The confidence boost from my professors really meant the world to me,” expressed Hibbs. “I knew I could do this!”

The author enjoys reading a variety of genres, but focuses on writing young adult fiction. Hibbs’ two teenage daughters are a huge influence and source of information. Many characters she writes are based off of her family and characteristic traits exhibited by them. “I connect with that age group best, since my daughters are teens,” Hibbs explained.

For her novels, the local author focuses on suspense, contemporary and romantic elements, but “real life issues” is her main element of inspiration. Hibbs noted, “My favorite book I have written thus far is “The Boxer and the Butterfly.” It’s my crowning jewel. It consists of tough subject matters, such as eating disorders, poverty, abuse and a variety of other issues young adults face in today’s world.”

Hibbs hopes to represent her hometown of Buckhannon and the state of West Virginia in a positive light when she writes. The books are based locally and she plans to continue keeping it that way.

“If I could give new writers any advice it would be – It’s not the million rejections and noes you receive, it’s the one yes that is life changing!” exclaimed Hibbs. “Just never, ever give up and believe in yourself.”

Hibbs, alongside her husband Tim, own The Infamous Art Collective Gallery and The Blaxxmith Gallery Shop, both located on East Main Street in Buckhannon. The Blaxxmith Gallery Shop originally opened in 2015, but relocated to 36 E Main in January of 2021 and The Infamous Art Collective Gallery opened at 34 E Main in January of 2021.

Multiple exhibits are produced throughout the year. Watch for future editions of The Record Delta for annoucements of upcoming events.


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