H&H study to commence on Brushy Fork

BUCKHANNON — Upshur County Commissioners approved the proposal from Civil and Environmental Consultants, Inc. to conduct the Hydrologic and Hydraulic (H&H) study for Brushy Fork at their meeting on Thursday morning.  An unnamed tributary of Brushy Fork at the Wellness Complex, on the 13.84-acre property, located off of Ridgeway Road in Buckhannon will be included in the study.  Commissioners approved to include the 14 acres of the adjacent property owned by the Upshur County Development Authority for an estimated total cost of $13,000.  

On June 18, the Upshur County Commission considered and approved a request from Banks District Fire Department Chief John Roby to address the radio communication issues in Southern Upshur County.  Due to a loss of revenue from COVID-19, the BDVFD did not have the funds to relocate the VHF band repeater from the BDVFD to the West Virginia Statewide Interoperable Radio Network (SIRN) Cleveland Mountain Tower.  Doing so would successfully resolve the communication issue in the area, Chief Roby and Douglas Cutlip explained.   Therefore, the Commissioners agreed to provide BDVFD with $12,539.48 to complete the project.   

Since then, Commissioners have consulted with Region 4 Interoperable Radio Committee’s (RIC) Dirk Burnside, who advises there is nothing other than the SIRN trunk equipment and associated microwave currently on the site and that a load study for this particular addition would be unnecessary.   Commissioners request permission from the SIRN to place the VHF high band repeater on the Cleveland Mountain Tower and further request that the associated load study be waived.  They additionally requested access to the equipment shelter for placement of the equipment.  Burnside stated they met with the executive committee Monday and it looks like things will proceed as requested.   

Atlantic Coast Pipeline representative, Mike Cozad briefly spoke on the cancelation of the ACP Thursday morning.  He explained that on Sunday, Warren Buffett bought the pipeline operations of Dominion; therefore, he essentially bought majority of the pipelines.  Cozad said it is definitely a possibility that the ACP will reclaim the project.    

Home Confinement Supervisor Cpl. Rodney Rolenson spoke to Commissioners Thursday morning regarding a GPS monitoring contract agreement with Attenti US, Inc., which was approved.


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