HES hosts first annual Snowman Olympics

HODGESVILLE — Hodgesville Elementary students and staff participated in the school’s 1st Annual Snowman Olympics.  After receiving parent permission, families were notified that “Monday is the day” - meaning bring your warm clothes, boots and other necessities because we are going to play in the snow.

Each class was challenged to create the following snowmen:  Mrs. Phillips look alike, most artistic, best traditional, tallest and best gold medal pose.

While it was hard to determine winners, the buzz of excitement was present from the time students walked through the door. Upon exiting the building onto the playground, it was heartwarming to see students so excited and laughing!

We even had one student, who could not be at school, build a snowman at home and send in pictures. At one point, two teachers were heard saying “1,2,3 SNOWBALL FIGHT” and the snowballs started flying!

After our snowman challenge ended, we all enjoyed hot chocolate since it was National Hot Chocolate Day....and how can you play in the snow without ending the day with hot chocolate?

As students left, many asked, “When can we do this again?”


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