Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

2019 is here and it’s going to be a great year for us all!

The possibilities of the new year are always very exciting. This year, I predict we will ride this wave of excitement all through the year. It’s going to be great.

One of my favorite things about January, besides the new year, are the days growing longer and spring weather getting closer. Can’t beat that at all.

Before being hired here at the Record Delta, I worked as a travel writer. I traveled all over the country visiting places both unique and historical.

It won’t be long until I’ll be having my lunch at the Pringle Tree. That’s one of my favorite places anywhere in the United States.

There’s just something about the Pringle Tree that I find inspiring.

It might be the history or the longevity of the generations of the tree. I’m not sure. I just really like going out there.

The West Virginia legislature will soon be in session. I’d like to wish them the best as they go to work to mold our State’s future.

Senators Hamilton and Boso along with Delegates Martin, Martin and Hanna will certainly do their best for Upshur County and the rest of the State.

I’ve been down to the Capitol cover a few sessions over the years. Wow, our elected officials are busy from the time they get up until the time they go to sleep… should they have a few hours for sleep. The work is nonstop. Negotiations on Bills are ongoing and often very detailed.

I have to say I applaud anyone willing to step up and serve the community as an elected official or in any capacity for that matter.

Police officers, fire fighters, EMTs are always putting themselves on the line to serve the community. These aren’t easy jobs, obviously. It really says something about a person willing to step up and take that responsibility on their own shoulders often missing time with family and friends because of work.

Of course, let us never forget the sacrifices made by the members of our military. These fine people are definitely at the top of the list for selfless giving to our community and nation.

Let us never forget their sacrifice or the liberties we have and continue to have thanks to the efforts our military.

Let us take a moment to pause and give thanks for our freedoms and liberties we enjoy.

Let’s have a great and prosperous 2019!