Hank Ellis Insurance widens their lead by a full point

TENNERTON – Hank Ellis Insurance widened their lead by a full point in week two of the third-quarter in the Buckhannon Country Club Bob Cupp Memorial Golf League standings.

Following a 26 ½-13 ½ win over Feola’s Flowers, Hank Ellis Insurance now has 70 ½ points.

Arnett Carbis Toothman still resides in second place after a 25 ½-14 ½ victory over First Community Bank with 69 points.

Highland Landscaping moved up from fifth place last week to third place this week with a 21 ½ - 18 ½ victory over High Point Construction.

Sam’s Pizza moved up two places as well into fourth place with a 22 ½-17 ½ triumph over UniFirst Corporation.

Lisa Cain Edward Jones also moved up two places from seventh to fifth with a 21 ½-18 ½ win over Custom Cabinets.

Stephen Jeran of Sam’s Pizza earned Low Actual honors checking in with a 35 while Lynn Helmick of Lisa Cain Edward Jones won Low Net honors with a 29.

The standings, top individual performances, and this week’s schedule.


Team              Points

1. Hank Ellis Insurance 70 ½

2. Arnett Carbis Toothman 69

3. Highland Landscaping 63 ½

4. Sam’s Pizza 62 ½

5. Lisa Cain Edward Jones 60 ½

6. UniFirst Corporation 60

7. Feola’s Flowers 56

8. Custom Cabinets 53

9. First Community Bank 51 ½

10. High Point Construction 45 ½

Low Actual – Par 35

Stephen Jeran, Sam’s Pizza 35

Chris Brady, Lisa Cain Edward Jones 36

Lynn Helmick, Lisa Cain Edward Jones 36

Jimmy Dean, UniFirst Corporation 37

Kenny Tenney, Hank Ellis Insurance 37

David Pitcher, Hank Ellis Insurance 37

Low Net – Par 35

Lynn Helmick, Lisa Cain Edward Jones 29

Forrest Elmore, Custom Cabinets 31

Bob Post, Feola’s Flowers 31

James Dean, Highland Landscaping 32

Chester Cutright, Highland Landscaping 32

Stephen Cain, Lisa Cain Edward Jones 32

Stephen Jeran, Sam’s Pizza 32

David Pitcher, Hank Ellis Insurance 32

Mike Tenney, Custom Cabinets 32

This Week’s Schedule

Sam’s Pizza vs Feola’s Flowers

First Community Bank vs High Point Construction

Arnett Carbis Toothman vs Lisa Cain Edward Jones

UniFirst Corporation vs Custom Cabinets

Hank Ellis Insurance  vs Highland Landscaping



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