Hang up call leads to local arrest

SAGO — An Upshur County resident spent some time behind bars following an arrest that occurred on Tuesday, January 18.

Tammi Marie Hyre, age 41, experienced a trip to Tygart Valley Regional Jail just shy of her birthday after almost colliding with an Upshur County Sheriff’s Department deputy cruiser. According to court documentation, Sheriff Deputy Tanner Collins was traveling along Sago Road in route to a reported 911 hang up call. As the deputy was entering a turn, a maroon Subaru, traveling in the cruiser’s lane, almost caused a head-on collision.

While swerving back into her lane, the driver acknowledged the incident by waving at the passing cruiser. Deputy Tanner immediately turned around to initiate a traffic stop. While performing the stop, the deputy made contact with the defendant, later identified as Hyre. Tanner noticed that the defendant was very frantic and appeared to be upset.

As stated in the criminal complaint, after a few minutes of speaking to the deputy, the defendant confessed to having drug paraphernalia in her purse. The deputy then proceeded to locate said items and perform a Field Sobriety Test on the defendant. During the tests, Hyre shows multiple signs of impairment. While talking to the defendant, Hyre admitted to Deputy Tanner that she used methamphetamine the day prior and marijuana the night before.

The complaint states that Deputy Tanner placed the defendant under arrest and relocated her to his cruiser. Once in the deputy’s vehicle, the confessions continued to come to light. Hyre told the deputy that there was “a fifth of dope in her bra” and asked if the deputy wanted it. Once back at the Upshur County Sheriff’s Department, the defendant admitted to using almost every day since her relapse in June. After this, the defendant consented to a blood draw, performed at St. Joseph’s Hospital.

Hyre was taken to Tygart Valley Regional Jail and charged with possession of methamphetamine and driving under the influence of a controlled substance. The defendant has since been released after posting bail.


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