GSC expands Home Grown Initiative statewide

GLENVILLE — Glenville State College is continuing its legacy of training teachers through the Home Grown Initiative (HGI) and is excited to announce the program’s expansion to serve students statewide.  To address the issue of teacher shortages in West Virginia, Glenville State College came up with a creative solution that Upshur County was one of the first to implement.  Through extensive collaboration and discussions, the HGI program has now expanded the opportunity to all 55 counties in the state. 

The desired outcome for the program is to identify and recruit high school students interested in teaching, particularly those interested in high-demand subject areas such as math, science, special education and early childhood.   Overall, the goal is to encourage the youth of West Virginia to become highly qualified teachers for the communities in our state, according to GSC Dean of Education Dr. Jeff Hunter. 

This initiative reportedly allows high school seniors interested in the education program at GSC the opportunity to receive annual competitive scholarships, take part in peer and professional mentoring, advising, and intensive tutoring, real-world teaching experience in their home county and lastly, the opportunity to enhance their teaching knowledge and appreciation of teaching. 

Superintendents identify what a high need teaching position for their district entails and notifies GSC. Qualified students are then nominated by the Superintendent or their designee for a scholarship in that teaching area, according to the unique program. 

The ultimate goal of the program is for students to return to their home counties to student teach, and eventually receive a full-time position there.  

Dr. Hunter stated, “Teaching is more than a career… it is a special person who wants to work with young people, to help them realize their dreams.  With the potential $3,000 per year through the HGI scholarship, combined with the TEACH grant and other scholarships and Pell grants, the cost of receiving a teaching degree at GSC is very affordable.”

To be eligible, students must be a newly enrolled first year student at GSC and be from a county in the state of West Virginia.  They must also enroll in the Bachelor of Arts in Education degree major that their local Superintendent has identified as “high need.”   Students are required to have a minimum of 3.0 GPA and minimum average ACT composite score of 20 or SAT composite score of 1020, obtain recommendation from their Superintendent of schools or designee, and be willing to complete their student teaching back in their home county, if possible.  If certain criteria are met, the $3,000 scholarship will be renewed. 

For more information regarding the Home Grown Initiative at GSC, contact the Office of Admissions at (800) 924-2010 or the Department of Education at (304) 462-4119. 



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