Greene, Binns collect wins in youth races at Elkins Raceway

KERANS — A pair of young racers made their way to victory lane in their respective youth divisions last Saturday, July 30 at Kerans’ Elkins Raceway. This collection of young drivers never fail to excite with skills far beyond their years. 

In the younger mini wedge division, a trio of Adley Greene, Nelson Herron, and Jake Herron battled it out, filling out the top three in both the first heat and the featured race. Nelson Herron got the best of Greene and Jake Herron in the heat, while Greene collected the win in the featured race, followed by Jake Herron, and then Nelson Herron. 

In the older mini wedge division, Gunner Binns was the driver to beat, picking up wins in both his runs. Binns took the first heat, holding off tough challenge from Blake Tasker to get his night off started on a positive note. A win by Kris Wyatt in heat two shook things up before the trio of Wyatt, Tasker, and Binnes dueled for supremacy in the older mini wedge featured race. Ultimately, Binns got the best of Tasker and Wyatt, parking his mini wedge in victory lane to cap off this past weekend’s youth races at Elkins Raceway. 

Younger Mini Wedge: 

Heat #1

1. Nelson Herron

2. Adley Green

3. Jake Herron

4. Jaelee Green

5. Brittany Garcia Feature

1. Adley Green

2. Jake Herron

3. Nelson Herron

4. Jaelee Green

5. Brittany Garcia

Older Mini Wedges:

Heat #1 

1. Gunner Binns

2. Blake Tasker

3. Nevin Bennett

4. Josalyn Ammons

5. Addison Tasker

6. Coda Vance

7. Grace Collins

Heat #2

1. Kris Wyatt

2. James Holmes

3. Declan Carpenter

4. Brad Currence

5. Olivia Loudin

6. Kolby Sullivan


1. Gunner Binns

2. Blake Tasker

3. Kris Wyatt

4. Brad Currence

5. James Holmes

6. Kolby Sullivan

7. Nevin Bennett

8. Declan Carpenter

9. Josalyn Ammons

10. Olivia Loudin

11. Coda Vance

12. Addison Tasker


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