Good times at Trader’s Alley

BUCKHANNON — The third annual ART26201 Trader’s Alley Block Party commenced Saturday afternoon and people partied well into the night, with the city’s art district closing up around midnight. 

Host for the day was Bryson VanNostrand and it was his birthday, so he was in full celebration mode throughout the day. VanNostrand’s restaurant, ¾ Café, opened its doors and extended the floor plan for the day’s events. 

Various vendors were set up all through the alleyway and also on the gravel lot where the main events occurred. Drinks were flowing and alligator grilled cheese sandwiches were being served. There were caricature drawings and all kinds of artwork on display, while Buddy’s Pot Seed tie dye t-shirts, Nativibes by Ben Kolb, Ryan Spangenberg Designs, and Indigo Gardens were all selling their creative wares at the block party. Sasha Hibbs and her array of books, some being nationally accredited, were in the gallery room with some beautiful and unique paintings. 

The block party enjoyed an array of ages and a good time seemed to be had by all. The biggest hit throughout the day, other than the music, was the collaborative artwork on an old BMW that children and adults alike were painting and decorating to be displayed as public art. The community sends out a big thank you to Bryson VanNostrand for collaborating such a unique event that brings so many people together for a good time.


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