Get started with yoga with beginner’s class

BUCKHANNON — Stockert Youth Center is offering a beginner’s yoga class suitable for all skill levels.
Kendra Sullivan teaches twice a week, Mondays and Wednesdays at 6:15 p.m. in a classroom upstairs.  
“I started taking yoga the year I finished with college,” she said. “I just really liked the way that it made me feel as far as easing anxiety. My yoga practice had ebbed and flowed ever since.”
Yoga became a challenge for Sullivan after she and her husband lived in areas that made it difficult to get to regular classes.
“When we were first married, we lived in some pretty rural areas,” she said. “It was really hard to get to yoga classes and it made me wish I could teach yoga so I could bring yoga to where I was at.”
“Although you can do yoga using YouTube videos or DVDs, sometimes I need people around me to keep going,” she said. “The energy of the class is nice.”
Sullivan teaches hatha yoga.
“This class is an all-levels yoga class,” she said. “We start with some centering and focusing on the breath. Then, we do general warming up. Yoga is all about the postures or asanas. It’s all about getting your body in those positions, but you do all of those asanas so that at the very end of the practice, you take time to allow your mind to be quiet.
“All of the asanas are practices that help you harness your mind so when you get to the end of the practice, you are able to quiet your mind and take some time to just be.”
The class lasts for an hour and Sullivan emphasized that all levels are welcome.
“It’s really for everyone,” she said. “This is a great class for people who have never taken yoga before. Those people who have never taken yoga before should not feel intimidated by coming to this class.”
Class participants are welcome to bring their own mat or one will be provided.
The class is $5 a session or $20 for the month.
For more information, visit Yoga with Kendra on Facebook.

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