Frenchton UMC celebrates 100 Years of worship and community

FRENCHTON — On Saturday, families and congregation members of the Frenchton United Methodist Church gathered for an afternoon of celebration, as their church turned 100 years old.

What started out as a crude log cabin in 1852, the original location of the church was near the current Beechtown Cemetery. In 1921, the church was restructured on Frenchton Road, and a week-long celebration was held in June of that year. The building has been a home to many ever since.

Martha Andrew shared her memories of the church, as she has been attending Frenchton UMC for nearly 69 years. “In 1987, we built an addition onto the church. Back then, we only paid $50 for the contraction. The rest of the labor was just help from our church people and members of the community. Back in the late 50s, there were nearly 100 people on the roll. Now there’s about 25. It’s not so easy to get people out now,” she observed. “We’re a church family, we’re not just people going to the same church. I don’t think there’s anybody that feels like everyone here isn’t a part of their family.”

Frenchton UMC hosted their church family with delicious food, homemade desserts, camaraderie, and worship. They still hold services each Sunday morning at 9:30 a.m. Interested in joining their wonderful church family? Call (304) 924-6571 for more information.


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