Fred Brooks Garden Club decorates Christmas tree

BUCKHANNON  Several members of the Fred Brooks Garden Club of Buckhannon helped decorate the tree at the Upshur County Courthouse for Christmastime.

“We appreciate the opportunity to bring Christmas to Buckhannon and the help of the maintenance crew for climbing the ladder, so we don’t have to put ourselves in any danger. Swags are distributed all throughout the Buckhannon community,” said Beth Post of the Garden Club. “We had a good turnout of members! Many hands make the lights work.”

Members of the club gathered at Libby Randall’s house on Wednesday to assemble greenery swags, which are now hung at the Upshur County Courthouse, the Upshur County Courthouse Annex, Upshur-Buckhannon Health Department, Buckhannon City Hall, and Buckhannon Post Office.

It is currently unknown how long the Fred Brooks Garden Club has been decorating for Christmas, however members reflected on bringing years of holiday joy and Christmas spirit to Buckhannon for quite some time. The garden club would like to wish the residents of Upshur County a very merry Christmas and enjoy the beautiful decorations throughout our community.


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