Founder’s Day Convocation at WVWC

Charles R. Evans was the guest speaker for the annual Founder’s Day Convocation at WVWC.

BUCKHANNON — West Virginia Wesleyan College hosted their annual Founder’s Day Convocation last Friday. 

This event is held every year during Homecoming, so alumni and the rest of the Wesleyan community can come together and appreciate the accomplishments of alumni and the college itself.

Bob Skinner, Vice President for Advancement, discussed the importance of Founder’s Day.

“Founder’s Day Convocation celebrates Wesleyan’s history and its impact on the world,” Skinner said. “There’s remarks from a president and there’s always a guest speaker. Usually the guest speaker is someone who is accomplished, who is a Wesleyan graduate and who sums up the Wesleyan of the past and what Wesleyan means for the future.”

This event has been known as Founder’s Day since 1941, but was previously called Bishop’s Day. 

This year, Founder’s Day Convocation began with the welcoming of three new trustees to the board, followed by remarks from president Joel Thierstein.

Charles R. Evans, the guest speaker, was a graduate of the class of 1969 and a former trustee of the college. He spoke about the “secret sauce” that Wesleyan’s founders had, and how each member of the Wesleyan community holds a portion of the “secret sauce”, which is love and passion for the college. 

Founder’s Day Convocation is always ended with the musical selections “My Home Among the Hills” and “Alma Mater of the Mountains” and a Benediction, this year led by Lauren Weaver, Spiritual Life Coordinator at WVWC.


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