Forecasters stand behind Bucs again this week; like WVU and Boise State to bring home wins

BUCKHANNON – Time to give the first shout out of the year, partially because he is the hardest working man in Buckhannon, but also because he is looking for some sympathy as well.

The voice of the Buccaneer Sports Network, Buckhannon-Upshur boy’s head soccer coach and B-UHS teacher as well, Mike Donato has quite the weekend planned.

Today, like most B-U fans, he will be making the trip to Ripley for the football game tonight as part of the Buccaneer Sports Network.

Now, there really isn’t a quick way to get to Ripley.

Steve Hollen and I decided to go old Route 33 during the B-U-Ripley play-off game back in 2005. I wouldn’t recommend anyone ever doing that. We saw more ‘trespassers will be shot’ signs than anywhere else I have ever been and I have been to some very rural parts of Eastern Kentucky.

But back to Donato.

Following the trip to Ripley, Donato has to get on his horse (not literally) and make the long trip to Lewisburg with his soccer team as they play Greenbrier East in a junior varsity and varsity contests on Saturday.

Happy travels today and tomorrow Mr. Donato and stay safe!

On the Forecast Front, I (of course) took the early lead with an 11-4 record while Kevin Materne checked in with a 10-5 mark and the duo of Shea and Sid Phillips came in third with a 9-6 week.

As far as our wonderful Forecast contest, we had multiple players go 11-4 (too many to actually list), but it was Kathleen Catlin who won the tiebreaker on total points of the Marshall-VMI game.

She earned a gift certificate to McDonalds.

This week’s winner will get a gift certificate to Arby’s.

If you are a loyal fan of the Number One Auto Fearless Football Forecast, we haven’t changed a thing this year.

But just in case you’re new here to the Number One Auto Fearless Football Forecast, here are the ground rules.

Participants need to select the winner of all 15 games listed and predict the total number of points for our tiebreaker game. The person with the best record this week will win a gift certificate to a local restaurant or business.

In case of a tie, the person closest to the total points scored in the selected game will be our winner. At year’s end, all weekly winners will be eligible for a $50 cash prize.

If a game is incorrectly listed, it will be discarded from the lineup and not played. You can drop your selections off at The Record Delta’s office or email them to [email protected] (Please note the new email address this season).

If you email your selections, please list both the winner and the loser of each contest.

The deadline to get picks in Thursday at 7 p.m.

Best of luck to everyone!

Now let’s get down to business.

Buckhannon-Upshur (0-1) at Ripley (0-1)

For some reason I took a lot of heat for picking the Bucs to upset Fairmont Senior last week. Okay, things didn’t turn out the way I or the Bucs had hoped. Things will be better this week…trust me.

Duane: Buckhannon-Upshur, 31-19; Kevin: Ripley 21-14; Shea and Sid: Buckhannon-Upshur 35-28.

Morgantown (0-1) at Bridgeport (1-0)

If I wasn’t going to Ripley Friday, this is the game I would want to see. Two perennial powers hooking up. Although Morgantown has been off their game some under Matt Lacy the last few outings. I think in the end, Morgantown will be just a little too much of the Indians to handle.

Duane: Morgantown, 29-24; Kevin: Bridgeport, 27-21; Shea and Sid: Bridgeport,  31-30.

Elkins (0-1) at Robert C. Byrd (0-1)

Both teams surprised me last week for all the wrong reasons. I picked both to win and as you can see by their records, they didn’t. No shame in losing to Liberty as Elkins did or Keyser as Robert C. Byrd did, but I don’t think anyone saw a 56-7 loss for the Eagles. Both teams should be hungry to get back on track tonight. Unfortunately, only one can.

Duane: Robert C. Byrd, 34-13; Kevin: Robert C. Byrd, 32-12; Shea and Sid: Robert C. Byrd, 21-17.

West Virginia (1-0) at Missouri (0-1)

Well, the Mountaineers got the win and that’s all I care about. Missouri on the other hand was losing to Wyoming last week. Somehow the Vegas oddsmakers have put WVU as a 14-point underdog. I know WVU struggled last week, especially running the ball…but 14 points?

Not that we condone betting here at the Forecast, but take the points and WVU.

Duane: WVU, 27-23; Kevin: Missouri, 24-17; Shea and Sid: WVU 21-17.

Pittsburgh (0-0) vs. New England (0-0)

Everyone who knows me knows I am a huge Steelers fan. I also know the Steelers will never beat New England in New England as long as Tom Brady is alive.

Duane: New England, 31-17; Kevin: New England, 28-27; Shea and Sid: Pittsburgh, 28-21.



Grafton 21, East Fairmont 14

Lewis County 34, Braxton County 15

North Marion 22, Preston 15

Fairmont Senior 45, Lincoln 6

Urbana 31, West Virginia Wesleyan 28

Boise State 45, Marshall 31

Clemson 30, Texas A&M 20

Texas 21, LSU 10

BYU 33, Tennessee 13

Kansas City 38, Jacksonville 24


Grafton 18, East Fairmont 7

Lewis County 12, Braxton County 6

North Marion 24 Preston 10

Fairmont Senior 38, Lincoln 14

Urbana 27, West Virginia Wesleyan 10

Boise State 28, Marshall 21

Clemson 35, Texas A&M 21

Texas 24, LSU 23

BYU 21, Tennessee 0

Kansas City 31, Jacksonville 28

Shea and Sid

Grafton 38, East Fairmont 14

Lewis County 21, Braxton County 14

North Marion 24 Preston 21

Fairmont Senior 49, Lincoln 21

Urbana 21, West Virginia Wesleyan 20

Marshall 35, Boise State 21

Clemson 56, Texas A&M 10

Texas 31, LSU 28

BYU 42, Tennessee 17

Kansas City 56, Jacksonville 35


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