Focus: Wise words from three wise women

Sometimes I find some special thoughts in the Woman’s World Magazine that I wish to share in my column.  Woman’s World has a new column in the magazine titled Wise Words.  These thoughts and ideas come from women we recognize immediately.  The three women in today’s article are Robin Roberts from Good Morning America, Dolly Parton who is known for her life’s work as a song writer and is well recognized in the entertainment world.  Marie Osmond is a well-known sister of the Osmond brothers.  Everyone has heard of Donny and Marie.  I hope you find some of their thoughts and ideas useful in your every-day life.

     Robin Roberts has gone through many experiences, including a bout with cancer and a rare blood disorder that could have left her defeated.  Robin says that she has faced many challenges and gratitude has been the key to surviving and thriving, both personally and professionally.  Robin says, “A grateful heart is the key to joy!”  She gives us five ways she stays optimistic and fills each day with hope and joy.  1. Hit the pause button.  Robin learned that meditating every morning gives her a chance to quiet the mind and ease any stress she has. Robin says that meditating gives her energy and peace.  2.  Seek smiles in the smallest things and the most unexpected places. Don’t be afraid to have a little fun.  3.  Find a new opportunity in each day by just resting for a bit.  Her mother always told her not to fret and to take a nap when times were difficult.  Sometimes our struggles help us learn more about ourselves.  Always find purpose in your life and share those difficult times with others.  Find ways to surround yourself with goodness.  There is goodness in many parts of life.  We just need to look for them.

     Dolly Parton has been a source of strength and goodness for as long as I can remember.  Dolly says, “With hope, there’s nothing you can’t do!”  Dolly’s life story has been featured many times.  She grew up in the Tennessee Smoky Mountains in the family of 12 children.  She tells stories in her music about the struggles her family had.  She was a small-town girl and always keeps the memory of her childhood and family close to remember how much she had to overcome to be who she is today.  Dolly has always felt compelled to give back and to make sure her family is cared for.  Dolly says she has always trusted God to help her have the strength to face any challenge she has encountered.  Here are some of Dolly’s suggestions for anyone who wants to be a better person.  1.  Speak your truth.  Never be afraid to speak your mind whether it is work or relationships.  Just being able to speak your mind frees your heart and can heal you as well. Be true to yourself.  2.  Trust your gut.  Embrace the mistakes you make.  We have times when we fail, but, if we look at the opportunity failure brings, we can learn from our mistakes.  3.  Laugh to spark love.  Dolly and her husband will be celebrating their 53rd anniversary of marriage in May.  Dolly says you need to respect your mate.  Couples need to have a great sense of humor to get through some of the struggles along the way.  Dolly also says reading helps her to unwind after a long day.  Reading can bring you peace and joy.  Dolly is well known for her kindness in making books available for children. Dolly’s Imagination Library has donated 100 million books to children around the world. Her daddy never learned to read. Dolly wants all children to have the opportunity to find joy in reading stories.  Lastly, Dolly tells how much prayer has given her the answers to many issues in her life.  Prayer can restore hope and can make our lives better. 

     Marie Osmond is known for her radiant smile and dazzling musical voice.  Marie is the representative of Nutrisystem.  She says that this program has made her life so blessed and that losing weight has made her feel younger than her 60 years.  She says, “Open your heart and joy will follow.”  She has a large family and has been remarried to her first husband since 2011.  Marie shares some of her ideas to follow.  1.  Trust in God’s plan.  Life will bring a lot of difficult things your way. Learn to trust God and to trust the gifts He has given you, to face whatever comes your way. Trusting in God brings so much peace and comfort.  2.  Never give up.  Embrace your mistakes. Mistakes in our lives help us to learn and grow.  Mistakes are opportunities for us to experience our greatest strength.  Everyone goes through pain, disappointment and loss.  Never let these times make you want to give up.  Hold on.  Never be afraid to call a friend or family member to help you through difficult times.  3.  Choose to take care of you.  Marie says that her loss of weight made her feel younger, healthier and better able to do the things she used to do even now that she has reached age 60. 4. One of the greatest gifts God gives to us is our intuition.  Follow you gut.  Your intuition gives you the power to take control, no matter how old you are. Your intuition is rarely wrong.

     As we look at the success of these three women, they have given us good points to ponder.  So often we feel we cannot accomplish the things we wish to accomplish because of our challenges in life.  Each of these ladies have faced challenges and have been successful in managing their lives through many difficulties.  I hope there are a few suggestions from these ladies that make your life easier and full of hope, joy and love.

     I leave you with these thoughts from ‘A Moment for You’ taken from Woman’s World.  Who wouldn’t want a superhero on their side?  You already have one:  hope! Hope can lift us up.  Hope can get us back on track.  Hope can lead the way, and hope can keep us going and going and going.  Hope is unstoppable.  Which means you are too!

You deserve ‘Good Things’ taken from Woman’s World.  Every big success story that’s ever been lived started with just a single wish or prayer.  It started by someone having the courage to believe that their dreams could, should, and would come true.  It started with someone like you.

     We are in a new year with all kinds of possibilities. Think about ways you can make a difference in your life and the lives of others.  Make a calendar and plan one special thing each month that you can do for yourself, your family and someone you want to appreciate.  At the end of the calendar year, see all the special plans you have made and accomplished.  Anything is possible with hope, goodness and love. Don’t be afraid to laugh and have a little fun along the way.  Joy should be on your agenda.     


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