Focus: We Harvest the Seeds We Plant

Next week we welcome a new harvest season with the beginning of Fall.  Many folks are already canning from their gardens, picking fruit from their trees and bushes and picking up nuts to use in their breads and cakes planned for the holidays.  Soon we will be blessed with the vibrant colors as the leaves on the trees radiate with glorious beauty.  It is time to get out the fall decorations including the pumpkins, scarecrows, and pretty fall flags to hang.  We are reaping our harvest of seeds planted in the early spring.  

I am reminded of a beautiful picture I have with the words Garden of Life.  As I read the beautiful message under the title, it became very clear to me that not only do the seeds of plants bring a bountiful harvest, each person who plants a seed in life will reap a bountiful harvest. I also have a plaque that has the word seeds which also has a wonderful message. Seeds: S-Sincere  E-Enthusiasm  E-Everyday  D-Develops  S-Success. This is very true.  If a farmer plans to have fruits and vegetables on his farm, he must plant the seeds.  He must follow through with care for the seeds he plants by watering, weeding, fertilizing and tending the plants as they grow.  Only then, can the farmer harvest the result of his work. Gardening takes time, patience, faith and lots of work from planting the seed to harvesting the product of the seed planted.

Each of us started out in life as a small seed.  As a baby, we needed lots of attention, food, water, love and encouragement from our families as we grew into adulthood.  As a parent, do you remember your baby’s first steps, first words, or the first time he or she accomplished a new task?  Children are enthusiastic and want to try something new each day.  As they grow, they need to feel love, security and the tender care of their parents.  They need to feel special.  Children, teens and adults need to find out what gifts and talents they have and then use those talents to become successful.  Gifts and talents are like seeds.  We need to nurture and feed the gifts and talents and watch them grow until they can be harvested for others.

As adults, we need to use the seeds theory of being sincere in what we do and how we treat others.  We need enthusiasm and faith in ourselves to try new things and to become the best we can be.  We need to begin every day with a goal and believe that we are working toward that goal.  We need to develop good work habits.  We need to find ways to use our time wisely for ourselves and we need to sow a seed of the gifts we have to give.  Sharing our time and talents with others puts seeds of hope into tomorrow.  If we do these things and work to be the best we can be and do what we can to make a difference in the lives of others, we can be successful in whatever we set our goals to be.

When we plant seeds, we expect a harvest.  If we receive a harvest, we must work to cultivate the seeds, have faith in the seeds we plant and give the seeds a chance to blossom into the dreams of what the harvest is supposed to produce.  As we tend to our seeds and reap the result of the harvest, we need to be thankful and share it with others.  When we are not sure what seeds to plant in our lives, we need to have a conversation with our Heavenly Father and ask Him what kind of seeds we need to plant to get the harvest He desires.  After all, God has told us he knew us before we were born, and he knew what kind of seeds he gave us to gain the perfect harvest.

In our world today, let us plant seeds of encouragement, prayers for peace, support of our neighbors and families and hope for a brighter tomorrow.  When we plant our seeds, we must continue to care for them.  When the harvest comes, don’t forget to share it with others.  May the seeds we plant grow with wisdom and shower others with love, hope and inspirations.  May others follow by planting seeds for many to use in the days and years to come.  Just imagine what a wonderful world would be harvested if we planted the seeds to make a difference in each life we touched.  

I wish to close with this message that I found on a picture with the title “Garden of Life”.

An ordinary seed grew in a garden.  Exactly like no other, it was unique in all the world.  Warmed by the sun and nurtured by the earth, the seed grew tall, strong and beautiful.  It learned from others who lived in the garden and in time it bloomed.  With no fear of breaking, it danced with the wind, tasted the rain, and reached for the sun.  It scattered petals for those whom it had touched to remember it by and sprinkled new seeds so that life could begin again.  The ordinary seed had become a glorious sunflower and, like each of us, was apart of the miracle in the circle of life.    


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