FOCUS: Today is Serendipitay Day! Have some fun!

Thursday, August 18 is Serendipity Day. This is a day you need to find more joy. The meaning of serendipity is…The faculty of happening upon fortunate discoveries when not in search of them. Think of something that surprised you with joy that you did not expect. Maybe you used an old purse and did not remember leaving a $10 bill in the side pocket. When you decide to use that purse because it has lots of room in it, you reach in the purse and there is that $10 bill you did not expect to find. Maybe the $10 is for a need you could not afford.

I have never thought about Serendipity Day. However, everyone can use a smile, a laugh, or just a special time when you can have a little fun. Think of something that surprised you when you were not expecting something special to occur. I found a few ideas in this week’s Woman’s World that you can use to have a special day. All it takes is being open to surprising opportunities that come your way. Maybe this day will give you a chance to make someone else have a special day. When we lead with patience and an open heart, we can conquer anything. Will you be shopping today? When you check out of the store, give the cashiers a smile and tell them how much you appreciate their help. It is not an easy job to be a cashier in a store. Many folks do not appreciate the many problems a cashier has when making sure the items are priced properly. Many times the check- out lines get long and folks get upset. Try to be patient and thank the cashier when you leave. You just might make a difference in his or her day.

In today’s world, we need to find ways to be happy, calm, stay connected to loved ones and take some time to look at all the beauty around us. Take the time to call a friend, loved one or a person who lives alone. Slow down to find some special time just for you. With the COVID interruption of our lives, we need to become involved with some groups who find ways to share together. Go to the movies, play cards, go to lunch together, have a quilting party and start something to make you feel you are making a difference in your life or the lives of others. You may find out that you are happier. You may be surprised that you have made a difference in the lives of those you share with.

Yes, we need time for ourselves but in the last few years, life has been a struggle for many. Staying inside for weeks and months, stress surrounded many lives. We have the power to reduce stress. This is a moment for You from ‘Woman’s World.’ You have the power to dial down stress! Sometimes it whispers, sometimes it shouts, but stress basically has only one “skill” nagging at you about worries an what-if. And once you see stress for what it is- negative noise! - it gets easier and easier to turn down the volume. What a relief.

Here are a few ideas from “Woman’s World’’ to refresh your day and make you feel more energetic. If you wake up groggy, enjoy a small glass of pomegranate juice when you first get up. There is a fruit compound ( urolithin) that boosts physical endurance and mental energy. Do you crash at noon? Take a nature break for a few minutes outside looking at the trees, flowers or something you like outdoors. Stretch your arms toward the sky. This will boost circulation, waking up tired muscles and give you new energy. If you have a slump in the late-afternoon, sniff a lemon. Sniffing the lemon will wake up the brain. I use this next idea. The snack that restores energy is to dip apple slices into peanut butter and enjoy. The fruit’s fiber and fructose boost physical and mental energy for hours. The peanut butter’s healthy fats and vitamin E tame brain-hampering inflammation boosting recall by 60%. These ideas could be used on this Serendipity Day. You will be more alert and maybe find something to make you smile. Think of a time you were totally surprised by something you found after looking for it without any idea it was in this place. Think of a time you were sad and you received a call from someone that made you happy. Think of a time you received a gift that you always wanted but never thought you would ever have.

Did you ever receive a God wink? God winks occur when two or more events happen at the same time mere by chance. A God wink happens when a sequence of events that although accidental seems to have been planned or arranged. You might remember a God wink and the surprise that made a difference in your life. If you need to find joy, read one of Squire Rushnell’s God Wink books. These stories seem impossible. They will give hope and joy to all who read about the power of coincidences in everyone’s life. God Winks can be powerful and can change our lives. You can order God Wink books or get them at the library. Today can be a new beginning for each of us as we spread sunshine to others. Make it a priority to find your sunshine today and smile and be thankful that we can find joy and hope for ourselves and all those we love.

“It is never too late to be what you might have been.” - George Eliot


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