FOCUS: Take a chance, make a change and remember Earth Day

The title of my article is based on two days this week. Earth Day is April 22 and Take a Chance Day is April 23.  With the changes that are happening in our lives, communities and the way we live, I have added Make a Change Day to see how you can make a difference in the way you live, the way you think and the way to make a difference in the world you live in.

I have always been proud of the community I live in. People have made big changes in the way they take care of the community and make it look clean, pretty and safe. I am sad to say that in this last year, I have noticed that people are throwing fast food containers, pop bottles, various food wrappers and other junk out of their car windows as they drive along. People throw garbage along the road or in other people’s yards and never think of how bad it looks or do not care who has to pick it up. There used to be various groups who picked trash up off the side of the road to keep our roads clean and attractive. I imagine they still do but it only takes one car and one person who doesn’t care that changes the image. We do need to be careful if we choose to pick up garbage as we travel along. Some bottles are not safe to pick up. The best answer to this change is to remember to put a garbage bag in your car and use it for your throw away trash instead of throwing it out the window for someone else to pick it up. This would be a good change for Earth Day. There are many ideas to make changes for Earth Day. Be creative and do one good thing to celebrate the earth we live on.

I looked up the word change and found so many meanings for the word change that I had to be selective in talking about changes we can make in our lives. To make a change is to adjust, tailor, improve, harmonize, change direction and attitude. Change or alter the tone or pitch of your voice. Lives are changed by the way we behave with violence and radical decisions. I think many sad changes in society and the places we work and live are changing the way we communicate with others. People no longer want to talk face to face. Communication is done by computer and by texting on the phone without speaking to the person you message to. Folks no longer know how to communicate with each other in person. When you no longer communicate by voice face to face, many decisions are made that can change the world in drastic ways. We see this in today’s world of radical changes taking place everywhere. We need to be careful of the power that can take place when we are not alert and do not have discussion on the many important matters taking place in our families, communities, states, our nation and many places around our world. Some of the changes we see are unpredictable in behavior or attitude with violence. Maybe a good change is to refer to the Golden Rule by doing for others as you wish they will do unto you. Show compassion to someone as you would wish them to show compassion to you. Talk to your neighbor with kind words as you would wish the same. Reach out to someone in need which might fill a need in you. Smile at someone who looks angry and let them know you care.  Shine the light of love to someone who might need it. There are many ways we can reach out to others which might change their attitude. Remember to be kind to others which gives them a chance to be kind to you as well. We need to reach out to others in person and get communication moving again. Start small groups who can share interests, issues of concern, ideas for families to get together and to get to know your neighbors and how many things you may share together. These changes do not cost money but can make a huge difference in the way we live each day. Make a list of things you might be able to accomplish by using your voice, your talents and being alert for the need to speak out.

You are special. Take a chance to see how you can show others your talents, your spirit, your abilities and your God given light to those you live with, those you work with and those who need what you have to give. In today’s society, we are not given many chances to make our own decisions. We are afraid to speak out with our thoughts and ideas. Never let others make you feel inadequate. You have a voice and you have the right to speak your thoughts. You can be the one who makes your voice known in the right way without making others feel you are a bully or someone that will not bring discussion to the table. Make a list of the things you care about and the ways you would like to serve your community, the church and various organizations that make a difference in the lives of others. Make a list of the areas in your life that you can take a chance with. Start with one special idea and see how God will use you to make a difference in the world. Can you imagine the changes we can make in our world, our nation and our communities when we take a chance to work together in love instead of hate and violence? We need to pray and to take a chance to make America the home we love. By working together, anything is possible.

I leave you with these thoughts. Take a Chance!

Never regret a day in your life. Good days give happiness. Bad days give experience. The worst days give lessons.  The best days give memories.

Be like a tree. Stay grounded. Connect with your roots. Turn over a new leaf. Bend before you break. Enjoy your unique natural beauty. Keep growing.


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