Focus: Solutions to simple issues!

How many times do we have simple issues that we face but do not know how to deal with them?  Sometimes in discussion with friends or family we find out how to deal with something that is so simple we wonder why we did not think to do the right solution for the problem to be solved. I found some neat ideas in a magazine that has all kinds of interesting solutions to many simple problems. Here are a few of the solutions found in “First” which can be purchased in the supermarkets or can be ordered by mail.

The first solution can be used for something we all have to do sometimes in our everyday lives. I have difficulty swallowing large pills. You might try this idea to see if you can swallow your pill easier. Coat the pill in butter before swallowing. Mary Klein says the lubrication helps the pill glide down smoothly. Mary was speaking of vitamin pills and supplements. You might need to ask the doctor about pills that are antibiotics. Some medications have instructions on how to use the medication and to take them with only water. 

With Spring upon us, many are now out in the yard or garden cleaning up for planting. Sometimes we use garden gloves, but sometimes we are outside and see something that needs to be done and we do not have gloves with us. When our work is done, we go inside and wash our hands but notice dirt under our fingernails. Here is a solution that can help. Before going outside, run your nails along a bar of dry soap. The soap will stick under the nails and prevent the dirt from lodging under the nails. We can also purchase some inexpensive gloves and know where they are when we need them. Gloves will also help when your hands pick up something sharp such as branches that have thorns that stick into your hand.

Do you like nuts for a snack? The best nut to eat for heart health according to the Journal of the American College of Cardiology is walnuts. Walnuts have healthy fats and antioxidants which help reduce heart damaging inflammation.

A snack of avocados boosts immunity. Avocados have an abundance of healthful nutrients like monounsaturated fats, fiber and potassium.

Here are some facts about other foods. If you are tired, munch on a banana which has potassium that stimulates muscles and nerves. You might add a little melted chocolate on top of the bananas for taste. Eat a sweet potato if you feel cranky. Sweet potatoes are packed with carotenoids that encourage the brain to release dopamine which is a natural antidepressant. Finally, if you are always hungry, try munching on five dates stuffed with almonds or walnuts when hunger strikes. This combo is rich in fiber and unsaturated fatty acids and protein that work together to keep hunger at bay.

One of the most important solutions for staying hydrated is to drink plenty of water. Many folks think that any liquid is okay, and they do help. However, plain water is best when you feel thirsty and tired. Sometimes when we feel tired, dizzy and our joints hurt, a bottle or a large glass of plain water will be the answer to the issue. Most of us do not drink the amount of water we need, especially on a very warm day.

During this last year, many of us have not had the chance to walk as much as we usually do. We are more apt to get leg cramps from not walking enough. I have found that it helps to do leg lifts and knee lifts before I get out of bed each morning. If one sits in a chair that rocks, rock and put one foot out and then rock with the other foot and put it out. This exercise will also help with leg and knee exercise. Of course, if you have leg or knee problems, you always want to consult with your doctor to be sure the exercises are okay. If you can get out to walk, walking is the best exercise for your entire body.

Here are some solutions for issues around the home. Do you sometimes go to your clothes dryer and find you have issues? Add a dry, extra towel to the load you are drying. It will help absorb the water as it tumbles around with the other items in the dryer. Before you use your dryer, scrub its filter screen with a toothbrush and soapy water to remove any residue blocking air flow. Do you have problems with your sinks draining? Squirt ½ cup of liquid dish soap down the drain. Then follow two minutes later with a kettle of boiled water which is slightly cooled. This combination will help soften and break up the stuck-on grease. I also put dry soda over the drain in my sinks and then pour vinegar onto the soda. It will bubble and you can hear the drain as it allows the soda and vinegar to bubble out the problem. All you need to do next is to turn on the hot water and let some go down the drain. This solution has always been my go-to for drains. If it does not work, you might need to call someone to check out the drain system. Window blinds will sparkle with ease if you wipe them with this method. Take a pair of socks without mates and secure them with rubber bands on a pair of tongs. Spritz the socks with cleaning solution and swipe the blinds. This will be an easy solution to dust and grime on your blinds. In the spring, rejuvenate the windshield wipers of your car by dampening a lint-free cloth with white vinegar and wipe each blade. The acidic liquid will remove the smudge-causing gunk from your windshield wiper blades.

I really like this idea. Maybe you use it. If not, repurpose a photo album with packets of seeds you wish to save for spring planting. Each page will hold at least two packets and you can put them in categories if desired. When spring arrives, your seeds are all organized in the scrapbook and you will have a great time planting them just where you wish for them to be. Of course, you will need to spend some extra time working with your plants as they grow.

How many folks use a lazy Susan in their fridge to hold condiments that are small but get lost in the fridge with other items. The lazy Susan can be spun to see all the items and you never have to take the other items out of the fridge to hunt for that small item you cannot find.

With spring the focus, we want a pretty yard. Here are some easy solutions for a pretty yard. To get rid of weeds, spray vinegar on them. The vinegar needs 5 to 10 % of acidity on the label. If you mix the vinegar with tsps. of dish soap the mixture will stick to the weeds. If you have a spot where weeds are taking over, spread a newspaper and cover with mulch. The paper creates a barrier between the weeds and the sun. Use cayenne pepper or chili powder to sprinkle around your plants. The spices will keep the springtime pests away from your plants.

Boost your plants with eggshells. Grind up the shells which are rich with calcium and place around the plants. Eggshells are good for all plants, especially roses and tomatoes. Use coffee grounds to put around your plants to ward off slugs. Use pasta water around your plants. Pasta water is brimming with starch and good for plants. Just be sure the water is salt free and let it cool before applying to plants.

These ideas came from the magazine “First” which has many ideas for health, home and is written with women in mind. As I have said many times, I do not represent the “Woman’s World” or “First”. I just find great ideas that I sometimes share with those who have some of the same issues I have. If you like some of these solutions for your issues, try them and see if they make a difference in the way you take care of yourself, your home and your gardening. If you want more ideas, you might pick up one of these magazines at the store.

I will close with this from “Woman’s World.” True happiness is waiting for you! The time has come: to say YES to more love & friendship. To say YES to more opportunities. To say YES to more success and so much less stress. Because something wonderful happens when you invite more joy into your life: JOY accepts!

Irish Proverb – “Having somewhere to go is home. Having someone to love is family. And having both is a blessing!”


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