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I love to find special ways to make life easier.  I have found them in the magazine “First.”  I wear glasses and they are always needing to be cleaned.  I do not always have glass cleaner.  This idea works great.  Swipe a used dryer sheet over the lens, says Faye Pizzo.  The soft antistatic texture lifts dirt and scans scratches.  You may also rub a lotion-free dishwashing liquid on the lens, then rinse with warm water, says Kim O’Donnell. The soap dissolves grease with ease. 

All of us have had the occasion when we bite the inside of our lip and get a canker sore on the place we have bitten.  For a quick and lasting relief, use a cotton swab to dab plain Greek yogurt onto the sore up to four times a day.  The yogurt’s probiotics fight bad bacteria to speed healing. The yogurt is also cool, creamy and soothes burning and inflammation. 

Oats can help us to energize and give us a boost to immunity, improve our mood and can crush cravings.  Several of these in-season picks can revitalize us.  Enjoy ½ cup of sweet-tart pomegranate seeds or 4 oz of their juice daily and you can trim 8 points off your blood pressure in four weeks (taken from a study in the Journal of Nutritional Science).  Pomegranates boast five times more artery-relaxing compounds than other fruit.  Eating pumpkin can ease inflammation.  Crunching an apple each day can support lung health.  The flavonoids in apple skins reduce damaging airway inflammation and strengthens tissues lining lungs.  With Fall beginning September 22, these strategies can help your immunity and make you feel good.  A gentle 20 minute nature walk can bring powerful immunity energizing immune cells for up to 12 hours per stroll and cutting your risk of viral illnesses this fall by 60%.  Oklahoma State scientists say that drinking two large mugs of green tea daily can make you 68% less likely to become ill due to glutathione found in green tea.  A British study says if you eat 2 Brazil nuts daily (which are full of selenium) you have a better immunity to invading viruses.  Deep breathing exercise can help one relax, have fewer headaches and sleep better.  You must breathe in slowly, hold and then breathe out slowly.  This will also calm you when you are upset about something.

Many folks have food sensitivity which make them tired and give them problems with fibromyalgia.  This in not a cure all but these symptoms are part of the problem with gluten sensitivity.  If you have these symptoms, you might want to check out your diet.  Body aches/pain, diarrhea, skin rashes, dandruff, excess gas, forgetfulness, impaired balance, headaches, trouble sleeping and brain fog.  You always want to check with your doctor if you think gluten is the problem.  There are tests you can have to be sure you are gluten sensitive.  If you have some of these issues, you might eat less gluten bread, grains and see if it helps.  I urge folks to always check with their doctors when there is a health issue.  When I write my column, I give you the information on some of the problems and solutions that some folks have used to help them.  Always check with your doctor, especially when you are taking special medications.

My last bit of information comes from a magazine I received recently called “Eating Well.”  This information concerns the eating of apples.  Apples are in season right now and it is a good time to try an apple a day.  A new clinical trial found that those who ate two apples a day for 8 weeks had significantly lower LDL cholesterol levels than those who did not eat fruit.  Apples have fiber in them as well as polyphenols. Many of us have cholesterol issues.  What is the saying?  An apple a day keeps the doctor away.  Prebiotics in apples feed good gut bacteria when one eats the apple and apple skin.  If you do eat the skin, be sure to wash the apple before eating it.  Tufts researchers noted a strong association of apple eating with diabetes prevention, finding that people who ate one or more apples a day had up to a 23% lower risk of Type 2 Diabetes than non-apple eaters.  Apples’ cancer-fighting antioxidant activity is nearly tops among fruits (second only to cranberries). Eating one or more apples a day is linked with lower risk of several cancers, including colorectal, breast and prostate.  This information was collected by Anne Treadwell.

I hope you find some information that is new and useful for your everyday life.  We all need to think of health issues and how we might find natural ways to make us healthier.  Most of us eat too much pre-prepared and packaged foods, which have some ingredients that we cannot pronounce.  God gave us fruit, veggies and natural foods that give us the nutrients we need.  If you garden, you have a wealth of natural grown foods to eat now and to save for the winter.  Enjoy your fruits of your labor.

I leave you with these thoughts. “No matter what happens, or how bad it seems today, life does go on, and it will be better tomorrow.”  - Maya Angelou

Thought for those born in September.  I am fortunate to have two children and a father who have September birthdays.  “You’re happy, confident and others enjoy your company.  You’re intelligent, organized and you are a born leader.”  Happy Birthday to all those who celebrate birthdays in September.  You are special.


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