FOCUS: COVID-19 finally found me

We started to hear about COVID-19 in the beginning of 2020. I decided to take this virus seriously and obeyed all the rules that were shared with the whole nation. I stayed home for months while the virus was attacking all ages and most usually the elderly. If you were over 60, you were asked to be careful and stay at home. We were told to wear a mask whenever we went out to shop or go away from home. I wore a mask every time I went out of my house for over a year. I was careful to wash my hands and to use hand cleaners after going to the store. I took two COVID-19 shots and one booster to help keep the virus away and to be sure if I got the virus, I would be less likely to be in the hospital. I tried to be very careful not to subject others to the virus by continually wearing my mask in the public. I have not traveled, have not gone out to restaurants and movies when the COVID-19 variants were changing and when there were lots of folks getting the virus. My last two years have been carefully planned to isolate and stay healthy. I watched the news this evening and found out that a new variant, Deltacron is now with us. Here we go again.

After almost two and one half years of doing my best to follow all rules and regulations, wearing masks regularly, taking the shots and booster, I now must stay in because I have been invaded with COVID-19. I don’t know what variant I have but I was tested last Thursday and am positive for the virus. I am sharing this with my readers to give you an idea of what to expect if you might get COVID-19. With the weather we have been having, it is possible for anyone to be overcome with the COVID-19 virus. I stay inside when it is cold, but on Saturday, a week ago, the day was very warm with a sturdy wind. I worked outside for maybe two to four hours off and on. I did wear a jacket but really enjoyed being outside. I felt fine on Sunday morning. I was a little tired on Sunday evening and started to have a scratchy throat. By Monday I had a bit of a cough. Since I had been outside and the wind was blowing on Saturday, I thought my allergies were acting up. By Tuesday, my nose was stopped up but I still did not feel sick. By Tuesday evening, my nose started running like a sugar tree and I kept sneezing. I did not have a temperature but I did not feel good. On Wednesday, I felt worse with a sore throat, lots of sneezing and my nose did not stop running. My cough kept me awake on Wednesday night. By Thursday, I thought maybe I should get a test for COVID-19. I went up to St. Joseph Hospital and drove through the front where the little outdoor building is located. A nurse tested me while I sat in the car and I drove home. On Friday, I got the results with COVID-19 as the answer to my symptoms. Most folks who have been getting COVID-19 with this new variant have few symptoms and feel like they have a cold or allergies. If you have these symptoms, you need to make sure you do not have COVID-19. The test is free, you can stay in your car and the test at the hospital is accurate. The early symptoms of COVID-19 may not seem to be an issue but this is when many folks can get COVID-19. When tested, you need to stay indoors isolated for five more days to be sure you do not pass the virus on to others. We will most likely have to live with this COVID-19 virus and be aware of the symptoms and stay indoors away from others when we feel there is a possibility that we might have the virus. To be sure, get tested if you have some of these symptoms.

I am feeling better and I am thankful to be on the mend. I pray that I did not pass this virus on to others. We just need to be aware and take precautions in the early days of the virus. If you do not feel well, stay at home away from family and friends. I know of several folks who have had the shots and booster and have gotten COVID-19 more than once after taking the shots and booster. The makers of the vaccine are now telling us that we will probably need to take another shot or booster to be safe. The booster shots may not keep you from getting the virus but may keep you from having to be in the hospital with more problems. I do believe that we need to be aware of the possibility of getting COVID-19 with the various changes in the virus. However, the decision to take more booster shots should be made by each person involved.

I pray for those who will continue to be confronted with the COVID-19 virus and pray they will be safe and healthy when they recover.

Let us pray for our brothers and sisters in Ukraine who are displaced in this horrible attack on their homeland. Pray for the families who are separated, who have lost their homes and have taken flight to other countries. Pray for our nation and be thankful for all our blessings.

I leave you with these thoughts as we look forward to Spring.

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