Focus: A New Attitude – A New Year, 2020

Well, it is here.  We have reached 2020.  I cannot get used to being in the year beginning with twenty.  How do you feel?  Are you excited about what your life will be like in this New Year?  Do you have a new plan for your life, your family, your job, your retirement?  A New Year gives us perspective as to what we might do to have new dreams, new ideas and a positive attitude to enable us to have the best New Year possible.  This new year will bring us many new ideas, more politics, a new election for our leaders, a new job, maybe a new baby, a new marriage, a new home, retirement, illness, loss of family and I could go on and on.  Change is a way of life no matter what year you are going into. Maybe the year 2020 is the year for a new attitude.

     As I look around at all the disturbances with the reactions of leaders, I wonder how much can be accomplished with our government, our businesses, our health, our world, and our families.  Will we allow all the negative comments and actions deter us from making our world safer and more productive? Where will this new attitude come from?  How can a new attitude make a difference in this New Year?  I have been to the dictionary again to relearn what attitude is and how it rules our lives.  Attitude is a state of mind, behavior, or conduct regarding some matter as indicating opinion or purpose. Attitude is also a position of the body as suggesting some thought or feeling.  To attitudinize is to take a pose for effect. Who has the attitude to take the violent approach for effect?  What has happened to the attitude of behavior in this country?  What can be done to find a new approach to a healthier positive attitude where we work together, share together and come together as a people who love this country?  How do we want to set the example of love for one another in a country who has freedom of the mind, freedom of speech and the freedom to make the right or wrong decisions?  This New Year can be a new beginning for each of us to make the effort to take a new state of mind and behavior to conduct ourselves with the attitude of purpose for being positive about our direction in life.  We can be concerned but positive in the direction of our country and the leaders who have been chosen to lead us.  We can have differing opinions but use them for discussion and what is best for the entire country. Our attitude is important when dealing with family, a job, volunteerism, and when we want to make a difference in our lives and the lives of others. Many folks talk about their New Year’s resolutions.  This is fine but you still need a positive attitude to accomplish the resolutions you have decided on to make your life better. We need a healthy attitude which gives us the joy, peace, love and hope that we  are to celebrate for Christmas. We need a positive attitude to make our lives richer and healthier.

     Goals would be a better way of making decisions for a new year.  We want good health.  We want to be liked by our peers.  We have wishes and dreams that we think about but never seem to accomplish our goal of reaching them.  With a positive attitude, anything is within reach.  Instead of resolutions, think of goals or how you may have purpose in your life.  Think about something you really wish you could do but have never felt you might reach that goal.  Everyone needs a purpose, a goal, a wish or dream that seems out of reach.  Maybe this is the year to reach a goal, a purpose or just the happiness you deserve.  Life is short.  However, when we set goals and work toward them, we might be surprised at the result.

     Maybe some will remember a statement I made in one of my columns.  I sketch but have not painted a picture.  I said I wanted to paint, and if Grandma Moses could paint at her age, I thought I could too.  Well that goal was met in December when I joined a painting class at my church.  This class was for one day only and we painted a picture of a barn with one of the popular red trucks with a Christmas tree in the back of the truck in front of the barn.  There was a lot of snow in the picture also.   There were thirty plus in the class and the leader was Sheri Gaudet.  We had a great time, and everyone finished their paintings.  I met a goal that I had wanted to meet for several years.  Now, I plan to paint a new picture often.  I can paint.  That was one of the most exciting things I accomplished in the year 2019.  Thank you, Sheri!

     Sometimes we get so busy that we forget to use some of the talents and gifts that God gives us.  Maybe this year, we can find more ways to schedule our time so we can do some of the things we have wanted to do for years.  Think of something you really want to do and never seem to have time to do it.  Make your goal to accomplish that something in the year 2020.  You have 12 months to have your goal met.  Maybe you want to learn how to play the piano or another instrument.  You can do it.  You just have to set a time to accomplish the goal.  Folks make resolutions to lose weight or to begin an exercise class.  If you are 60 or over, you can join the aerobics class at the Senior Center. You may join one of the several places in our community who offer exercise classes.  Not only will you enjoy the classes, but you will make new friends.  Anything is possible if we just take the new attitude to make it happen.

     I just have one more thing to be grateful for this Saturday.  I went to Walmart this morning to pick up a few things.  I ran into someone I knew and stopped to talk to her as I was leaving the store.  I had a small package in my hands and thought I had taken my purse out of the buggy and put it on my shoulder.  When I got to my car, the purse was not there.  I rushed back into the store to see if my purse had been turned in.  Some kind person had turned my purse into the office.  I just want to thank the person who made my day.  The world is full of good honest folks who make the right decisions.  I felt blessed and just wanted to share the goodness that is around us.

     We are at a new beginning of a new year.  I pray that our attitudes will be positive, full of promise, kind to others, forgiving, less violent, and fulfills the joy, purpose, hope, love, and peace that makes us who we were meant to be.   “Happy New Year” 

I leave you with these thoughts for the day.  In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps. -  Proverbs 16:9     

All journeys have a secret destination of which the traveler is unaware. -   Martin Buber    

If you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain. - Dolly Parton     

It is never too late to be what you might have been.  - George Eliot


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