FOCUS: A Changing World Changes Lives (June 4)

Changes come into our lives and our world every day.  Some changes make us stronger and some changes bring us fear, sadness, confusion, anger and joy.  The way we handle changes in our lives builds our character.  The word change has a variety of meanings including the change we get back when making a purchase, the act of putting on a variety of outfits, making a difference in our surroundings, a transaction of business or moving to a new location.  The change we are facing now is the changing of laws that make a difference in the way we live. Changes can reflect many aspects of our world and can affect us in many areas of our lives.  The changes we have faced in the last year have brought loss of jobs, staying inside to keep from getting the Coronavirus, loss of many of our family members and now the loss of all the businesses that have just begun to open after the Pandemic of the virus.  These changes are tearing down the rule of law, the safety of our people and losing yet more of our Americans to make radical changes in the country and the world we live in.

Just for your information, part of this column was written in 2015, just five years ago.  There have been other times when America had to meet great challenges.  Unfortunately, we the citizens don’t seem to understand the rules.  America was founded on the principle of freedom from a government that did not allow our forefathers the right to be who they wished to be, so our forefathers came to a new land to be free.  They came together to make the laws that would govern this new land that was America.  Every one of us need to read the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and especially the Declaration of Independence.  We have forgotten how our forefathers knew from the beginning what it would be like to have a government that made all the rules for the government and to have “All the power” to dictate how Americans should live.  As I understand the rules of government, We, the people, put those in power of our lives who want us to be free, to work, to worship, to make our own decisions within the laws and to give back to the country that made us free.  I am sad to say this wonderful dream of freedom is being threatened before our eyes.  When did the rules of our government say it was okay to loot, to destroy, to kill just because one is angry?  I understand the concerns of our friends of other ethnic backgrounds and they deserve the same justice of our laws.  They should not be harassed because they are different.  They should not be killed because of the color of their skin. Everyone should abide by the laws in our Constitution and should be treated equally. Read the Constitution and study how our country was organized.

 America is just one step away from a total control of the government by those who want to change our Constitution, our Bill of Rights and our Declaration of Independence.  These comments have been made by those who make decisions within our government. We need to ask questions.  Why is there so much hatred, lawlessness, murders, deliberate lies and untruths being told to us to make us believe we need the government to rule everything?  Read and study what the real truths are in our forefathers plans for America to be ruled by the people to make sure we stay free. 

Change can reflect many aspects of our world and can affect us in many areas of our lives.  How we accept or address these changes give us character and help us grow in our understanding of ourselves and what we believe, and what actions we need to take to deal with the changes we encounter.  Our world is changing so fast.  If one did not have access to television and internet it would be hard to keep up with the changes.  It is now up to every person to listen and find out the facts of the news we hear.  We must be careful as to what is fact and what is just opinion.  The news is covered by so many that it is not always clear what is fact and what is fiction.  We will soon face another election for government to make decisions that lead us forward.  Change can be good or, change can bring us laws we would not like to have. What changes do we need to make as families, churches and communities that reflect the goodness we can share instead of the changes that divide us?  Folks, we had better decide what we need to do to make better choices and provide a team spirit or we are going down a slippery slide of which we may never have the chance to make the right changes.  What will future generations have to say about the character of America?  Have the changes we made given our country more freedom to make more changes?  We need to pray for guidance. We need to pray for those who are elected to keep America the land of the free.  We need to pray for One Nation Under God with Liberty and Justice for All.  We need to pray that all will work together to make changes that will define this generation as a nation who was responsible to make only good decisions that past generations guaranteed in the laws our forefathers made for future generations. We must be a nation of the people, for the people, and By the people, with all people equal as they are in the eyes of our Creator.

I leave you with these thoughts.  Let our hearts and hands be stretched out in compassion toward others, for everyone is walking his or her own difficult path – Dieter F. Uchtdorf  

Quote of the week – Don’t expect to see a change if you don’t make one. 

Come near to God and He will come near to you. –  James 4:8   








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