Fisher crowned Ms. Buckhannon 2020

Sonya Fisher smiles with her custom crown and sash for her reign as Ms. Buckhannon 2020.

BUCKHANNON — Sonya Fisher was recently crowned Ms. Buckhannon 2020 by the West Virginia United States Pageants, and she is the first local to hold the title.

The reigning Ms. Buckhannon is 27 years old, born November 11, 1992 in Warsaw, Indiana.  Shortly after, Fisher’s family moved to Buckhannon.  Her father James currently lives in Buckhannon, and mother Linda resides in Crawford. Fisher has two brothers, Edward Fisher of French Creek and John Fisher of Crawford, and one sister, Sarah Fisher-Curtis-Brown of Ravenswood.

Fisher has three children: Jayden Marsh, 9, Brooklyn Marsh, 6, and Leo Henderson, 2, all of Buckhannon. Fisher currently has the opportunity to stay at home and raise her children and lives with her boyfriend of three years, Stacy Henderson. She enjoys shopping, baking and watching movies. Fisher said her biggest fans are her parents, sister, children, boyfriend and aunt Jewel Fisher. “I am happy to know I have amazing family and friends as my support team through my journey as Ms. Buckhannon and I would like to thank all of them for being there for me,” she shared. “The one person I wish was here to see me make my dreams a reality and support me on this journey would be my grandpa Roy Smith. He was my best friend and I know he would be proud to see me where I am today!”

Fisher was inspired to run by her sister Sarah, who was active in pageants while growing up. “I grew up watching my sister participate in pageants and win a good bit of them. I've always dreamed of having that for myself, but I thought to myself, ‘I can't do that because I'm not as pretty as she is, so I'd never win.’ Over the years, it stayed in my mind and now here I am at 27 saying, ‘I am good enough, even if somebody else doesn't see that and I gave it a shot.’ Well, that shot must have went clear to the stars because I turned a dream into reality and stand before you today as Ms. Buckhannon,” Fisher proudly stated.

The best advice Fisher said she ever received was, “You have to believe in yourself and it's never too late to chase your dreams.” She was contacted by West Virginia United States Pageant Director Heather Roush and started her pageant career by seeking the title of Ms. Buckhannon. After three days of forms, photos and interviews in the local competition, she was crowned. The titles range within different areas and age divisions. For Ms. Buckhannon, the divisions included age, marital status and whether or not the contestant has children.

“During my reign as Ms. Buckhannon 2020, I would like to promote every opportunity that our beautiful town offers to individuals, from youth to elderly,” Fisher said. “I want to be an inspiration to my children and all of the other children in our community. I want them to have dreams to chase and I hope they never give up. If I can make a dream happen at the age of 27, then they can achieve their dreams as well.”

Fisher also mentioned the Cardinal Princess Program, which is an organization designed to mentor young girls ages 2-7. The local title holders will be mentoring the children during their year of service, encouraging them to appear for volunteer opportunities and other events held throughout the year.

“If they’ve had the dream to do it, go for it. It was the dream I had, but never thought I could do.  It’s never too late to follow a dream. I want all of them to know that, especially the younger kids,” Fisher advised.

Due to COVID-19, the competition process and schedule had to be adjusted. Both the state and national competitions were pushed back. The national competition, held in Las Vegas, Nevada was postponed until October and the state competition begins July 25 in Charleston.


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