Fire department holding fundraiser for new gear

BUCKHANNON — Turnout gear isn’t cheap and neither is replacing a rescue truck.
That’s why the Buckhannon Fire Department and Buckhannon Volunteer Fire Department members are hoping residents will take a shot and enter to win a hunt for two in Kentucky this fall.
The department is conducting a bow hunt raffle with Premier Outfitters of Kentucky.
The winner will receive a hunt for two which includes licenses and tags, a semi-guided hunt, meals and lodging.
The only cost the winner needs to pay is travel to and from the pre-rut hunt to occur Oct. 28-Nov. 1.
Their winning ticket is good for one buck (130 class and larger) and one doe. Crossbows can be use with a doctor’s note and children who have completed the hunter’s education course can hunt with an adult as well.
To give the winner time to plan, the drawing will be held Aug. 31.
Tickets are available for a $30 donation and can be purchased from any fire department member or by stopping by the Buckhannon Fire Department.
Firefighters will set up April 22 at 10 a.m. at Walmart to sell the tickets and will also be selling them during the West Virginia Strawberry Festival.
Volunteer firefighter Steve Michael is helping to organize the raffle.
“The purpose of the fundraiser is to help with turnout gear replacement and towards the pumper/rescue truck and to buy needed equipment for the new truck,” he said.
Holding up a turnout gear that is six years old, Michael pointed to the wear and tear that happens with normal usage.
“This was ripped on a structure fire the other day,” he said pointing to a large hole that will need to be patched like the others that are already repaired.
New turnout gear can cost between $3,000 and $4,500 depending on where it is purchased and any add-ons such as knee-pads.
The BFD is also looking to replace its well-used 1994 rescue truck known as Rescue 11 with a pumper/rescue truck.
“We will be looking at anywhere between $450,000-$600,000,” Michael said.
The fire department wants to upgrade its truck to better respond to emergencies.
“Times are changing and we have had to add new tools and upgrade tools,” Michael said. “It goes out on all rescues.”
The new truck would seat five firemen and the fire department could avoid deploying two trucks for some calls.
When the 1994 rescue truck was purchased, it was an upgrade to what the department had, but Michael said it’s time to take it to the next level to meet today’s requirements and help the citizens of Upshur County.

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