Find out what’s lurking on Maniac Mountain this Halloween

Spooky Kids Day set for Oct. 9

BUCKHANNON — Return to Maniac Mountain this Halloween, for a bigger and scarier time than ever before. Maniac Mountain features three main attractions this year—Hell House, Killing Fields (cornfield), and the newest attraction, Death Metal (junkyard). Since opening last fall, this local haunted attraction has continued to grow and offers something for everyone.

For $40, visitors can enjoy all three attractions. According to Administrator Mariah Wagner, Hell House is three times bigger this year and the newest attraction—Death Metal—is a more intense experience than the rest. Each attraction brings its own sinister account, so visit their website for the full story.

They also offer a VIP rate to skip the line for $60. Maniac Mountain’s haunted attractions are recommended for visitors ages 12 and up, but all are welcome. According to Wagner it takes approximately an hour to get through all three attractions, not including the line. “We have a lot of new stuff this year and it’s just transformed a lot since last year. If anyone was there last year and comes back this year, most of it they won’t recognize,” she noted.

Concessions will be offered in the midway. Wagner said the midway was added this year to connect all three attractions, allowing visitors the opportunity to experience the attractions in whatever order they choose. This also allows visitors to grab some food or go to the bathroom between attractions, Wagner explained.

In addition to the haunted attractions, Maniac Mountain also has fire twirlers and a fire breather for visitors to enjoy.

This Saturday, October 9, Maniac Mountain will host their 2nd Annual Spooky Kids Day. This no-scare event will take from place noon until 4 p.m. Kids can enjoy pumpkin painting, a hayride, light-on walk through tour of the haunted house, a cornfield adventure, daytime activities, interactive games with prizes, fall-themed photo opportunities, and so much more. Kids are encouraged to dress up in their costumes. Admission is $10 per person and children ages 4 and under will be free.

For more information, visit their website or follow their Facebook page Maniac Mountain Haunted House, or their Instagram and TikTok @maniacmountainhauntedhouse. Every Friday and Saturday from now until November 6, thrill seekers will experience “true fear” at Maniac Mountain from 7 p.m. until midnight. Ticket sales begin at 7 p.m. at the gate or can also be purchased online via their website.

Maniac Mountain Haunted House is owned by Adam and Josh Ringer, and Bobby Wagner. The trio always wanted to operate a haunted house and create something spooky for the Buckhannon community at large, Wagner explained. When they discovered the property, they felt it was a good, central 1,100 acre location and “the rest is kind of history,” she concluded.

Stop at 1659 Teter Road, Buckhannon to find your way to Maniac Mountain. The haunted attraction is just past Hodgesville Elementary School, across a one-lane bridge on the left. Go see what is creeping in the fields of Maniac Mountain this Halloween and don’t say we didn’t warn you!


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