Find a strange painted rock? Here’s what it means...

BUCKHANNON — The Kindness Rocks Project began when Megan Murphy took up a new hobby in Cape Cod. She started painting rocks with inspirational messages on them for a stranger to find.
Eventually people started sharing these rocks on social media and Murphy was inspired to paint more rocks where people could find and share them. The hobby turned into a movement, with people across the world painting rocks and sharing them online.
The project — which is designed to “inspire others and recruit anyone who stumbles upon a rock to join the pursuit of inspiring others through small acts of kindness” — has developed a mass following, with 26,252 followers on Facebook.
But Buckhannon has not been left out. Christy Rexroad has started Upshur County’s own rock painting project after stumbling upon some of the painted rocks at the Holly River.
“I just kind of stumbled on it at the Holly River when we were up there for Fathers Day, because my son kept finding these painted rocks along the paths,” Rexroad said. “We eventually went back and I finally just posted a rock on social media to ask what it was, and someone from the project explained it to me.”
Rexroad said she found the idea so endearing she had to start a group in Upshur County. She started the Facebook page RoCKiN’ UpShUr CoUnTy WV on June 26. The reception has been great, she said.
“It picked up really quick,” Rexroad said. “We already have 1,100 members on the page and people are already painting and hiding rocks all over the county.”
Rexroad encourages people to keep an eye out for the rocks, share them on the Facebook page and then hide them again in order to spread the message with as many people as possible.
Rexroad asked that anyone who wants to start painting rocks include “Rockin’ Upshur County WV” on the back so people who hide it in another state will know where it came from. The rocks can be decorated in any way as long as it is not inappropriate and sends a positive message.
The Facebook page is open for anyone to join and start sharing the rocks they may find.


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