Find a Blessing Box near you

BUCKHANNON — Do you need a little extra food to help get your family by for the week or perhaps have some to spare? Five years ago, local Nancy Shobe brought the idea of “Blessing Boxes” to the City of Buckhannon’s attention after hearing of a similar progam in Oklahoma. Today, these boxes can be found all over Upshur County!

Blessing Boxes are mailbox-like structures that provide essential items to those in need. The boxes are filled with donations from local people and there are no strings attached. Shrobe explained, “Items to donate are non-perishable such as corn, beans, soup, detergent, dish soap, toothpaste, or any food item that you think someone might want to eat. Also, in the winter months we have added hats, scarves and gloves. In winter we have to be careful of freezing weather, but we have wonderful Blessing Box angels that watch the temperatures and are very careful about what is put in the boxes.”

The program operates on the motto, “Take what you need, leave what you can, and above all—be blessed.”

Jawbone Park, Brushstroke Ministries, South Buckhannon Mission Church, Living Word Church of God, Buckhannon Housing Authority, West Virginia Wesleyan College’s campus, and Calvary Baptist Church are some of the locations in Upshur County that house Blessing Boxes.

Remember the small blessings these boxes can provide to people who need it most, especially during the upcoming holiday seasons. One small donation could change so much for one individual. Shrobe added, “My hope for anyone visiting the Blessing Boxes is that they will see that we are a caring community and that whatever they are in need of, that they might find it in the Blessing Boxes.”


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