FETC students complete SkillsUSA competition

BUCKHANNON — Fred Eberle Technical Center (FETC) students from multiple counties competed in their prospective fields on Tuesday, February 8.

SkillsUSA WV’s mission statement is, “SkillsUSA WV empowers its members to become world-class workers, leaders and responsible American citizens. SkillsUSA WV improves the quality of our nation’s future skilled workforce through the development of Framework skills that include personal, workplace and technical skills grounded in academics.”

Rebecca Bowers-Call, Director at FETC, stated, “I am happy we were able to resume hands on competition this year and we are looking forward to state competition.”

“SkillsUSA is important and lets the students demonstrate their knowledge and passion in their chosen field,” said FETC Allied Health Instructor Amy Hawkins. “This is their time to shine.”

It is also noted that the individuals who judge competitions are often prospective employers. This can also help students line up work after they become certified in their field. Allied Health students Reese Hutson and Emily Fulton were seen taking blood pressures during competition day. Carpentry students were hard at work as well, along with students who were working in computer technology.

Winners were announced at the Buckhannon-Upshur High School that evening, following the competition. In addition to the announcement of winners. SkillsUSA officers named current President Chloe Carr as the SkillsUSA Member of the Year.

Winners for each category are as follows:


First Place- Robert Grahm Lambert, Lewis County

Second Place- Emory Page, Upshur County

Third Place- Ethan Lewis, Upshur County

Collision Repair

First Place- Nathan Ware, Upshur County

Second Place- Walker Bush, Upshur County

Third Place- Nathanial Harris, Upshur County

Cosmetology (Secondary)

First Place- Chloe Carpenter, Barbour County

Second Place- Sarah McKamey, Lewis County

Third Place- Harlie Wilson, Lewis County

Cosmetology (Post-Secondary)

First Place- Amanda Chidester, Upshur County

Second Place- Madison Knight, Randolph County

Third Place- Morgan Key, Tucker County

Diesel Equipment Technology

First Place-Jacob Bailey, Upshur County

Second Place- Kelli Mitchell, Upshur County

Third Place- Bradley Mitchell, Upshur County

Electrical Technology (Industrial Motor Control Secondary)

First Place- Nate Perry, Upshur County

Second Place- Parker Browning, Upshur County

Third Place- Dameon Wolfe, Lewis County

Electrical Construction (Secondary)

First Place- Lucas Queen, Lewis County

Second Place- Issac Lane, Upshur County

Third Place- James Micthell, Barbour County

Electrical Technology (Electrical Construction Wiring Secondary)

First Place- Bryce Manolidis, Randolph County

Second Place- Zachary Greene, Harrison County

Third Place- Kimberly Beverly, Monongalia County

Allied Health (Health Occupation Professional Portfolio Secondary)

First Place- Madison Brown, Upshur County

Allied Health (Job Skill Demonstration A Secondary)

First Place- Kaitlynn Shannon, Upshur County

Second Place- Shelby Sprouse, Lewis County

Third Place-Evelyn Shingleton, Lewis County

Allied Health (Medical Assisting Secondary)

First Place- Emily Fulton, Lewis County

Second Place- Kaytlynn Landis, Upshur County

Allied Health (Medical Terminology)

First Place- Caroline Ware, Upshur County

Therapeutic Services (CPR/ First-Aid Secondary)

First Place- Madison Grose, Upshur County

First Place- Taylor Weese, Lewis County

Therapeutic Services (Medical Terminology

First Place- Hannah Watson, Lewis County

Therapeutic Services (Nursing Assisting Secondary)

First Place- Megan Perry, Lewis County

Computer Systems Repair Technology (Secondary)

First Place- Hunter Burkhammer, Lewis County

Second Place- Ian Droppleman, Lewis County

Welding Technology (Secondary)

First Place- Kaiden Ball, Upshur County

Second Place- Talon Thompson, Barbour County

Welding Technology- Welding Fabrication (Secondary)

First Place- Hunter Davisson, Lewis County

First Place- Zachary Woody, Lewis County

First Place- Maggie Wyatt, Lewis County

Second Place- Samuel Pringle, Upshur County

Second Place- Christian Mullins, Lewis County

Second Place- Logan Wyatt, Upshur County

Welding Technology (Post-Secondary)

First Place- Timothy Woods, Upshur County

Welding Technology- Welding Fabrications (Post-Secondary)

First Place- Harley Davis, Barbour County

First Place- Gretel Schroeder, Randolph County

First Place- Hanna Wolford, Randolph County

All first place winners will move on to state competition, which will occur the last weekend of March 2022.


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