Feola’s Flowers takes week one lead in Cupp Memorial Golf League

TENNERTON – Action got under way in the Buckhannon Country Club Bob Cupp Memorial Golf League last week with Feola’s Flowers trouncing Lisa Cain-Edward Jones by a 25-15 count to grab a slim lead.

In the other match-ups, Hank Ellis Insurance knocked off High Point Construction (24 ½-15 ½), Hyre’s Well & Pump Service  downed Highland Landscaping (24-16), Arnett-Carbis-Toothman edged Sam’s Pizza (22 ½-17 ½), and Custom Cabinets topped First Community Bank (22-18).

Kenny Tenney of First Community Bank claimed Low Actual honors with a 37, with Butch Hyre of Hyre’s Well & Pump Service and Highland Landscaping’s Paul Dibiccari carding 39s, and Hank Ellis Insurance’s Steve Jeran, Arnett-Carbis-Toothman’s Joe Dean, Howard Feola of Feola’s Flowers and Bill Perry of Hyre’s Well & Pump Service following with 40s.

Low Net laurels went to Hyre with a 33. Hank Ellis Insurance’s Danny Hinzman fired a 34, and Diiccari, Joe Tenney, Feola and Larry Carpenter of Sam’s Pizza turned in 35s.

The standings, top individual performers, and this week’s pairings:


Team                                                                                    Points

1. Feola’s Flowers                                                                       25

2. Hank Ellis Insurance                                                            24 ½

3. Hyre’s Well & Pump Service                                                  24

4. Arnett-Carbis-Toothman                                                      22 ½

5. Custom Cabinets                                                                      22

6. First Community Bank                                                            18

7. Sam’s Pizza                                                                         17 ½

8. Highland Landscaping                                                             16

9. High Point Construction                                                       15 ½

10. Lisa Cain-Edward Jones                                                       15

Low Actual – Par 36

Kenny Tenney, First Community Bank, 37.

Butch Hyre, Hyre’s Well & Pump Service, 39.

Paul Dibiccari, Highland Landscaping, 39.

Steve Jeran, Hank Ellis Insurance, 40.

Joe Dean, Arnett-Carbis-Toothman, 40.

Howard Feola, Feola’s Flowers, 40.

Bill Perry, Hyre’s Well & Pump Service, 40.

Low Net – Par 36

Butch Hyre, Hyre’s Well & Pump Service, 33.

Danny Hinzmn, Hank Ellis Insurance, 34.

Paul Dibiccari, Highland Landscaping, 35.

Joe Tenney, Highland Landscaping, 35.

Howard Feola, Feola’s Flowers, 35.

Larry Carpenter, Sam’s Pizza, 36.

This Week’s Schedule

Highland Landscaping vs. Lisa Cain-Edward Jones

First Community Bank vs. High Point Construction

Custom Cabinets vs. Arnett-Carbis-Toothman

Hank Ellis Insurance vs. Sam’s Pizza

Hyre’s Well & Pump Service vs. Feola’s Flowers


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