Fearless Football Forecast — the abridged version

BUCKHANNON – John Lennon once wrote the lyrics “Nobody told me there’d be days like these…strange days indeed.”

That pretty much sums up the past six months, or at least since we last spoke to one another.

With all the craziness going on in the sports world, we here at the Fearless Football Forecast had to make some changes to our little column and contest.

In regard to the FFF contest, we won’t be having one this season. The uncertainty of games being canceled on a weekly basis and even the uncertainty of the seasons even being completed left us in a bit of a quandary moving forward with the Forecast.

So, for those of our loyal followers who played the contest each week, we apologize there will not be one this season, but we still hope you enjoy the column.

Instead of picking 15 games, myself along with Number One Sales manager Shea Phillips will pick five games a week.

Let’s get to the week one games.

Ripley (0-0) at Buckhannon-Upshur (0-0)

Finally, there will be football Friday night. A lot of people, myself included never thought we would get to this point. And honestly, I am going to enjoy each game because we really don’t know if there will be another one next week. That’s how quickly things can change.

The Bucs are all so young this year but I think they match up well with the Vikings. I think 2020 will start out well enough for coach Stoeckle and this youngsters.

Duane: Buckhannon-Upshur, 23-20; Shea: Buckhannon-Upshur, 21-20.

Elkins (0-0) at Robert C. Byrd (0-0)

For those that attended the B-U-RCB scrimmage last Friday, you know the Eagles are extremely talented. They will no doubt be a play-off team this season. As for the Tigers, the have had to deal with Wimer Field being closed down for the season.

Duane: Robert C. Byrd, 35-14; Shea: Robert C. Byrd 35-28.

Fairmont Senior (0-0) at Lincoln (0-0)

Fairmont Senior is simply a machine at this point. No matter who they lose to graduation, they have somebody there to replace them. The Bucs were supposed to open up with the Polar Bears by that went by the wayside. This one will be all Polar Bears.

Duane: Fairmont Senior: 44-21; Shea: Fairmont Senior: 56-38.

(EDITORS NOTE): At press time we learned this game was canceled due to a person in attendance at Lincoln football activities tested positive for COVID-19.

Braxton County (0-0) at Lewis County (0-0)

Lewis County has put together a couple of nice play-off seasons and we here at the Forecast don’t see why the Minutemen can’t pull off that feat again this season.

Lewis County wins their home opener.

Duane: Lewis County, 28-19; Shea: Lewis County, 21-14.

Bridgeport (0-0) at Morgantown (0-0)

Although Morgantown has been down the last couple of years, this is still a battle between two legit powerhouses. Bridgeport won last year’s match-up and I think they will again this year.

Duane: Bridgeport: 29-14; Shea; Bridgeport: 35-31.


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