Eleven weeks of picking games at the Forecast and we settle for a tie?

BUCKHANNON – The 2019 Number One Auto Fearless Football Forecast didn’t quite go as planned this year.

After building a huge lead early on, I was caught by Kevin Materne in the standings last week.

And guess what, nothing was settled this past week.

Both Kevin and I went 8-7 ending the season in a tie? Yuck and ugh!

So we both ended the year with 123-42 record. I offered Kevin the chance to do a tiebreaker this week but he opted out. He said it was a chance to for me to save face. He might be right.

But a tie? This is the first time in the last 20 years of the contest that we didn’t have a clear-cut winner.

For those that care, our sponsors Shea and Sid Phillips finished with a 6-9 record this week. (It was a tough week for everyone).

The Phillips duo finished the season a distant third with a 107-58 mark.

Our last winner of the season was Peter Jougras who won the week with the lowest win total of the year with 10.

But there is no shame in that as Peter won a gift certificate this week to Papa John’s.

I sincerely want to thank everyone that played this year, but the contest quite isn’t over yet.

We still have to have our drawing for our grand prize of $50.

Coming soon, everyone that won a week will have their names dropped into a container and a name will be drawn out by Shea and declared our 2019 champion.

We use to give away WVU basketball tickets, but they were so bad last year that $50 seemed like the better gift.

Good luck to everyone!

For some final prognostications from yours truly on the high school football front.

Is there any question as to who will win the Class AAA title? It’s Martinsburg’s world and everyone else is just living in it. In my opinion, no one is even close to taking that title away from the Bulldogs, this year or many years to come.

Now that isn’t to say Martinsburg can trip up and eventually lose a game, but I just don’t know who will ever be able to catch them at this point.

In Class AA, it’s the Polar Bear’s title to lose. I have said that pretty much since week two of the season.

Unlike Martinsburg, Fairmont Senior will have some teams in the Class AA play-off field that can challenge them.

Bluefield comes to mind immediately. If those two meet it will be a semifinal match and not a title game based on how they are seeded this year.

Poca might be able to give the Polar Bears a game and I think if Bridgeport gets them again, it would be much closer this time around.

I have to admit that I don’t follow Class A as closely as I do Class AAA or AA.

Despite being the 10th seed, Wheeling Central seems to be the favorite to win it all again in Class A.

Wheeling Central has won it the last two years.

Of course I don’t expect unbeaten and No. 1 Doddridge County to simply roll over for anybody this season, including Wheeling Central.

Maybe an upset or two happens in all three classes. Who knows? But what is better than high school play-off football?


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