Earls, Full Circle entertain at Festival Fridays

Festival goers visit the local vendors while being entertained with amazing music.

BUCKHANNON — Festival Fridays continue to be a hit with locals and out-of-town visitors. It has been coined “the thing to do” on Friday evenings. With so many vendors, music and activities – what else could Buckhannon ask for?

This past Friday, local caricature artist J.R. Earls took the stage, getting everyone up on their feet. Earls opened the night up with the song “Mustang Sally,” one of his favorites. The band Full Circle continued to keep everyone in the groove the remainder of the night with classic vinyl hits.

People were dancing, children were running around playing and the fantastic weather combined for a wonderful evening enjoyed by all.

Farmer’s Market vendor Charles Chenoweth was interviewed by The Record Delta. Even with all six vendor stations set up by the Farmer’s Market, Chenoweth explained they are doing great and reaching more customers. However, he did mention that they would like to expand and reach even more people.

“There are enough vendors here that we have a good chance. It will end up taking off soon,” stated Chenoweth. Aside from listening to the live music, they do not really get any free time to go out and enjoy the festival. Chenoweth expressed, “My favorite part is hanging out with the other farmers. Farming can be a lonely business and you don’t really get to hang out with too many people. It’s like a farmer’s fellowship.”

Come out and enjoy the festivities when the band Stonestreet takes the stage on July 1.


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