Drivers walk away with no injuries in two car accident

BUCKHANNON-A two vehicle accident occurred on Wed, May 29 at 3:45 p.m. in Upshur County on the Old Weston Rd. The collision took place across from the Kubota Dealership on a clear afternoon.

The wreck involved a 2013 FedEx Chevrolet Cargo Van driven by employee Brandi Daniels of Elkins, and a 2001 Subaru Outback driven by Kurt Morris of Buckhannon.

According to police report, prepared by County Sheriff Corporal Charles Day, the FedEx van was traveling east on Old Weston Rd. and collided with the Subaru Outback which was pulling out of a driveway on the South side of the road.

The driver of the FedEx van received no injuries, and the vehicle sustained functional damage. “I was traveling toward Corhart and he pulled out in front of me while I was beside the truck parked on the side of the road,” Daniels stated in the report.

The driver of the Subaru Outback sustained no physical injuries and received damage to the rear of his vehicle. According to Morris, “I was going to pull out of my driveway. The car hauler to my left was in my line of sight. I could not see anything behind it. I waited a second and thought I was clear. I pulled out and saw the FedEx truck. I accelerated so she would hit my rear end and not my door.”

The truck that was parked on the side of the road was a red 2012 Peterbilt owned by Erin and Bills Automotive and Transportation Incorporated. It was being driven by Vincent Petrinec of Gowanda, New York. The truck was parked in a no parking zone at the time of the incident and received no damage. Even though Petrinic was outside the truck at the time of the incident, he was not physically harmed. “I was pulled over to pick up a car. I was at a residence across the street. The FedEx truck was traveling fast down the road and I heard a crash,” Petrinic stated.

Shaking his head, Morris was visibly upset about the accident, but glad no one was hurt. “It was the first time I had left the house today, and look what happened,” Morris said. “At least it was only the back end of my car and not my side door.”


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