Dr. Richter honored with BEST award

BUCKHANNON – The Buckhannon city council during its recent regular meeting, honored Dr. Paul Richter with the April BEST award. He was recognized as a resident of Buckhannon who exemplifies extraordinary service while embracing the kind and giving spitrit of volunteerism. Dr. Richter was one of the original five co-founders of the Buckhannon River Watershed Association founded in 2001. During the 18 years with BRWA, Dr. Richter has vigilantly protected the community water supply. He has spent the last several years overseeing one of the BRWA’s largest grants. He oversaw six acid mine drainage projects totaling 1.7 million dollars.

Dr. Richter is an emeritus  professor in Chemistry at WVWC. He is a volunteer for the Buckhannon Meals on Wheels program operating out of the First United Methodist Church. He is also a volunteer for the Upshur County Community garden. He has been dedicated to making Upshur County happier and healthier since 1965. He will get a BEST bench and permanent placard in Jawbone Park to forever honor and recognize his works.

The mayor, David McCauley, urged all residents to congratulate and honor Dr. Richter in this accomplishment. “May he be a shining example among the community as to the best of citizenship and volunteerism,” Mayor  McCauley said. He also wished Dr. Richter the best in his retirement. Dr. Paul Richter was the seventh recipient of the BEST award. Upon receiving the award, he stated he wanted to thank, “Everyone on the BRWA board for all their work, and continuing work.”

Dr. Richter did say he wanted the residents to know, “That the Buckhannon city water is one of the best buys you can get.  It is safe to drink and there are no plastic water bottles to recycle.”   


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