Domestic call leads to arrest

Devon Davis Kroesser

BUCKHANNON— A Rock Cave resident remains incarcerated after officials responded to a call for a reported domestic incident in which the accused lied to police and illegal substances were found. Devon Kroesser, age 22, was charged with obstructing an officer after failing to provide accurate information and possession of marijuana, according to court documents.

The criminal complaint said Deputy Joseph Barcus received an active domestic call and responded to the residence at 610 Valley Green Apartments on the evening of October 18. A third-party caller reported that a female from that residence had called and said she was being beaten by the accused, who was later identified as Devon Kroesser. The caller mentioned that the accused was a felon and in possession of a firearm. 

Sgt. M. Powers, Sr. Trpr J. Tonkin and Dep. J. Barcus arrived at the apartment and found the accused on the couch, where he appeared to be asleep. Powers reportedly instructed the accused to show his hands as he was detained. Tonkin and Barcus continued to clear the apartment, making sure no one else was present.

Just before heading upstairs, a female came down the steps and identified herself as the girlfriend of Kroesser. According to court documents, she stated that no arguing or fighting had taken place and said she wasn’t sure why law enforcement was called when questioned by the officers. Barcus continued to speak with Kroesser, who denied possession of any firearms. The officer conducted a search of the couch to see if any firearms were present and found a black marijuana pipe along with a small cellophane package that contained a green leafy substance, which were in plain sight beside the accused. 

Close to where the accused had been laying down, the officer also observed a small baggie on the floor, holding a brown powdery-like substance that was believed to be heroin. The officer then noticed a purple Crown Royal bag sticking out of the couch that contained several empty baggies, three lighters, a pen that was hollowed out having back stains on each end, another baggie that contained an unidentified white powdery-like substance, a set of digital scales and a credit card bearing the name Devon D. Kroesser.

Upon being questioned, the accused was asked about the contents of the purple bag. Kroesser initially denied that the credit card was his and allegedly stated his name was Dustin. However, upon revealing the accused’s ID in his wallet, the credit card was indeed Kroesser’s. According to the report, the accused said he lied because he was worried about getting into trouble for the digital scales. Kroesser reportedly confessed that the green leafy substance was his and mentioned it was just enough for a bowl pack. 

Kroesser was then placed under arrest and transported to Tygart Valley Regional Jail, where he remains. If found guilty, Kroesser may be confined up to one year and/or fined $50 to $500, and could also be imprisoned not less than 90 days nor more than six months and/or fined not more than $1,000. Bond was set in the amount of $5,000 by Magistrate Kay Hurst and Kroesser must comply with random drug/alcohol testing upon release. 


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