DOH plans to repair Spruce Fork Road slip

BUCKHANNON — A slip on the Spruce Fork Road is being monitored by the West Virginia Division of Highways and is scheduled to be repaired in June.
Carrie Jones, spokesperson for the W.Va. DOH, said the slide is being monitored every day.
“Last year, we had put in for a repair project there, but we have thousands of slides across the state, so we have to prioritize,” she said. “We weren’t able to do it then, so we did a patch. We acknowledge that the slip has gotten worse.”
Jones said the DOH has had to upgrade its planned design as the slide worsened.
“We are going to put in a piling wall to repair that slip and stabilize the hillside,” she said. “We are hoping that some time in June we can get that project done.”
An outside contractor will be brought in to drill the piling wall and the rest of the work will be done by DOH crews.
Roy Wager, Upshur County Schools superintendent, said the school’s transportation department decided the road is not safe for buses.
“They have had some slippage on the road,” he said. “My transportation director doesn’t feel it is safe enough for the bus. It’s gotten really narrow, so we are afraid to take the bus across it.”
Wager said the bus has been rerouted around that slippage and parents are now having to meet the bus with their kids, so he realizes that it is an inconvenience.
The area, located six-tenths of a mile out of the Spruce Fork Road from the Brushy Fork Road, is marked by orange cones.
Jones said, “We are monitoring that slip every single day and people have to understand that if we thought the road wasn’t safe, if even one lane wasn’t safe, we would close the road down.
“We will do what we can to maintain it until we can get the more permanent fix in June.”
Jones said the DOH realizes the project is “extremely important” to those who must travel that road but that West Virginia’s topography means there are places like this all over the state. Problems that have closed a lane or the whole road have a higher priority.
“We have this everywhere, so it is a challenge,” she said.

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