Dog Park displays finished Memorial Wall

BUCKHANNON — After years of fundraising, the brick Honor and Memorial Wall is finally finished at the Buckhannon Dog Park.

Before the local Dog Park could be built into reality back in 2017, funds had to be raised to finance the construction. One of the first fundraisers was the buying and personalization of bricks that were initially planned to be laid as a sidewalk. Shortly after the opening of the park, vandalism caused a slight set back and made those involved rethink the original sidewalk plan for the bricks.

To maintain the integrity of the park and the funds raised, cameras were installed, which called for even more fundraising. The cameras were reportedly put in place to help deter vandalism and protect the users of the park. Dog owners can now use the free park in Buckhannon to congregate with other animal enthusiasts and allow their own pets to work off some energy in the safety of a fenced area.

The bricks originally purchased were then made into an Honor and Memorial Wall with the help of Jerry Arnold and the employees of Buckhannon’s Street Department. They also built the fire hydrant water fountain that can be found at the park, providing fresh drinking water for your pets while they play.

“It’s been super exciting to watch what used to be a pile of dirt and debris turn into a park with benches that can be used as a place for dog owners to enjoy time with their animals. Jerry and his team did a lovely job on both the display and the hydrant water fountain. There is even a memo board that is used to connect animal enthusiasts to happenings within the local animal community,” said Dog Park Committee Chair Lisa Critchfield.

So, if you’ve ever wondered about the bricks on display in the Dog Park, please be sure to stop by and see the completed project created in honor and memory of loved ones.


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