Disc golf course ready for play

BUCKHANNON — Upshur County Parks and Recreation Director Adam Brumley is excited to announce the completion of the new disc golf course located near Buckhannon-Upshur High School.

According to Brumley, the sport is essentially like golf, only played with flying discs rather than a ball and clubs. One point is counted each time the disc is thrown and when a penalty is incurred. Each hole starts with a tee throw that must be completed within or behind the designated area. The hole is completed when the disc comes to rest in the disc golf basket. The goal of disc golf is to play each hole in the fewest strokes or throws possible. The player with the lowest total strokes/score for the entire course wins.

Similar to golf, Brumley noted there is a par and foot distance specified for each hole. For example, on the first hole, it may be a par 3 with the tee being 193 feet away, which means you must make it in the basket in less than three throws.

They are hopeful to host a disc golf tournament come spring and eventually offer equipment people can rent to play on the course, Brumley explained. Although more signage is planned for the course, there is currently a sign listing the rules of the game for beginners.

According to Brumley, the course is located right behind the Upshur County Recreation Park pool, with the first tee located beside the baseball field. The course goes around in a counter clockwise direction around the park and consists of nine holes total, he noted.

When asked about expanding the course in the future, Brumley told The Record Delta, “There is always room to improve but right now we want to see how well it is going to go before making any advancements.” They are hopeful the course will get utilized and Brumley is excited to offer another option of trending outdoor recreation in Upshur County.

Bring a disc and a friend, and enjoy the newly constructed disc golf course. Facilities close at dark and Brumley asks all players to be “respectful of the course, as a lot of time and work was put into it.”

If there are any issues while playing on the new disc golf course, players can call Brumley directly at (304) 473-9768.

For more instructions or details about the game, visit https://discgolf.com/disc-golf-education-development/disc-golf-rules-for-recreational-play/.


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