Difficult circumstances: let go, let God!

You might remember the article I wrote about letting go when having a day where everything goes wrong and you just have to let it go. Let God rule the circumstance and move forward.
Well, this past week I had such a productive day and everything was going better than I ever expected. I went to a meeting in town, stopped to see a friend and about 8:30 started home. I had passed the Shawnee Apartments, the Armory, Subway and was almost home when out of nowhere a bunch of deer came right at my car. I put on the brakes and I saw one deer stumble from my left fender to the grass on the other side of the road. There was one or two deer in front of the car and there were another several deer on the passenger side of my car. They had run right into the car. I worried that some of them might be injured but they all ran around the car and went into the grass where the other deer had fallen. All I thought about was that beautiful deer down in the grass. I was able to drive to the first parking lot at the Middle School where I stopped to look at the front of my car. A nice lady was behind me and stopped to ask if I was OK? I told her I was but thought I had killed a deer. She said there was a bunch of deer around my car that ran on across the road. I decided to go back to see if the deer was still there. It was and it had not moved. All I could think of was whether or not it was suffering. I drove home and called my son who said I should call the Sherriff’s office which I did and was referred to 911. I called the 911 operator who was very nice and told me it was the proper thing to do so if my car was damaged there would be a record of the accident. I told her about the deer and asked if one of the deputies could check to see if it was dead or alive. I did not want the deer to suffer. She called me back and told me the deer was not alive.
 You may wonder why I am telling of this incident. I had never hit or been hit by a deer. I had never had a bunch of deer run into my car. I also tell of this incident to make drivers aware that dusk or early after dark, the deer travel across Rt. 20 South. If you are traveling Rt. 20 South, there are deer crossings at the area close to The Jenkins Collison Center, the area close to the old Long John Silvers building and up close to where Channel 3 was located. Further on Rte. 20 there are crossings but I do not know the locations. Please be watchful in the three areas I have mentioned. I would not wish my experience on anyone but know that this happens often. You might have been one of the folks who had deer run out in front of your vehicle. You might be a driver who has yet to have an experience such as mine. What are some of the things you need to do if this happens? First you should report the collision to the Com Center, or police dept. This will give you evidence that you will need for an insurance report. If you hit a deer and it is still alive and suffering, you need for the police to take care of the deer. A call needs to be made to the wildlife center as soon as possible to see if the deer can be picked up. If the deer is in the road, you need to call the State Road to have them pick up the animal so someone else does not wreck with the deer in the road. You need to call your insurance company to see if your insurance will pay for any damage to your vehicle.
 Those who have experienced this calamity know how much damage can be found on your vehicle when you hit a deer or a deer runs out in front of your vehicle. The first deer that ran into my car was crossing Rte. 20 ahead of the other deer and was hit by my driver’s side front fender. Some of the deer ran into the passenger side of my car and did quite a bit of damage. When the car stopped, one or two deer were in front of the car and damaged the grill and bumper. I do not think any of the other deer were hurt badly as they all ran into the grass across the road. I was stunned at what had happened but my thoughts were not on the car or me. I just worried about the poor deer that I saw tumble into the grass close to the road. I love the deer and wish them no harm.
 I made it through the evening and the next day. My car still drives but will need a considerable amount of repair. Unfortunately, the poor deer is still in the grass. I am sorry for that fact but cannot do anything about moving it. I apologize to the neighbors who have to deal with the dead deer. I urge drivers to watch for moving deer across the roads. I know you can’t always see them and know they are coming. I found that out the other night. If I had been on the Interstate driving faster, I might not be here to tell the story. God was with me the other evening and I am thankful that I did not have any injuries. Just be cautious and watch for deer when driving on Rte. 20, or other areas where you know deer are known to be regularly crossing the roads.
 I love the deer and all of the other wild animals who grace our area and want them to stay safe. I want those driving to be safe also. Many times cats and dogs cross the roads as well. Try to be aware of them if you see one crossing the road. Slow down in residential areas especially if you see a dog or cat in a yard or along the road. They are someone’s pet and a member of a family too.
 The lesson for this adventure is that God is good. We have good times and sometimes are given circumstances that distress us but if we just let go and know that someone bigger than us is in charge, we will make it through. I am grateful that I am OK. I am grateful to the lady that stopped to check on me. I am grateful for those professionals who know how to handle these situations. I am grateful to my kids who support me. I am grateful to the State Farm folks who walked me through this situation and I am thankful that my car will be repaired. Most of all, I am thankful to a God who watches over me and loves me unconditionally. I am sad that one of God’s wonderful creatures had to pay the price of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. I tell my story so someone else might not have to be in the same circumstance. If you are, you know what needs to be done.
I leave you with this thought for the day: Things turn out best for the people who make the best of the way things turn out. —John Wooden


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