Diane’s Hallmark to close after 32 years

BUCKHANNON — The Hallmark stores that have stood in Buckhannon and Fairmont for 32 years will be closing near the end of January.

Owner of the two stores Diane Poach said she is ready to retire.

“I’d like to spend a lot of time with my grandkids,” Poach said. “There’s a lot of things on my bucket list that I’d like to do and it’s hard to do that when you’re working.”

Poach said the stores will be having retirement sales where they will sell all the shelving and all the merchandise in the stores will be marked down.

“We’re also giving away prizes,” Poach said. “People can come in and accumulate points, so every time you come in, you get so many points when you make a purchase and will go towards your total.”

There are 10 prizes customers can win with the first prize being a new TV. She said she wanted to do something for her customers because they were one of her favorite parts of owning the store.

She said she was happy that she got to arrange the store for Christmas before she retired because she liked to make the displays in the store.

“I’ll miss the displays,” Poach said. “I really love doing the displays. I like to buy things and get them in, and then just see how they all go together and kind of tell a story about the season.”

Poach said she liked seeing people’s reactions when she had changed the store for a different season.

“I’ll definitely miss the customers,” Poach said. “I just really want to thank them. 32 years is a long time to be in business and to work with people and I’m just so happy that they all came in and we got to know them and I thank them for their business.”

She said her employees were another favorite part of owning the store.

“My employees have been great,” Poach said. “I’ve enjoyed a lot of people over the years from high school kids, a lot of college kids and some people other people.

I have had one lady with me for 32 years. They’ve just been great people to work with and I’ve really enjoyed that part of it to getting to know them a little bit better.”

She said customers are still coming to the store to purchase Christmas presents, decorations and to check out the marked down prices. The discounts on all the items to continue to increase each every week on Wednesday until they close at the end of January.


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