CWVRW welcomes RNC Bloch

BUCKHANNON — The Central West Virginia Republican Women (CWVRW) hosted a special guest speaker from the Republican National Committee (RNC) Monday evening at the Bicentennial Inn. Republican National Committeewoman for West Virginia, Beth Bloch came to discuss election objectives from the Republican party.

The CWVRW described Bloch as a passionate Republican and conservative inspired by America, the Republican platform, and President Donald J. Trump. Serving on the Trump Leadership Council, an independent campaign coalition organized by Republican supporters Harold Hamm and West Virginia native John McNabb, has reportedly cultivated Bloch’s continued enthusiasm for Republican advocacy, which was exhibited during her presentation Monday evening. 

Mayor Robbie Skinner initiated the event, welcoming Bloch to Buckhannon by saying, “We have always had a great, active political structure on both sides of the aisle. This has always been a traditionally Republican county and remains that way today. I do believe that the voter registration for Republican has grown in Upshur County, as has most parts of the state. We work hard in our community to make sure that we honor our past, but we also try to plan for our future. That takes both sides together, working hard for our community, and I think we’ve got a great City Council, a great County Commission, and I am hoping that we can bridge those together in the next four years with our city government. But for you, this evening, I hope that our hospitability has been felt and I hope that you’ll take our Buckhannon story with you.”

CWVRW President Jeanie Hawkins stated, “We are glad to be Republicans. We want to elect all Republicans and we want to re-elect Donald Trump!” CWVRW Chaplain Brenda Wyatt sang “Back to God,” prior to Bloch’s presentation. 

Bloch is a steadfast supporter and advocate for the Republican party, each of its’ candidates, and President Trump.  She spoke on the importance of fundamental, conservative, Republican ideals, voting for Republican candidates, voting for Trump specifically, and the importance of voting in general. Bloch has met President Trump on several occasions and described each experience as very pleasant. She has a strong love for the President and wholeheartedly believes in his campaign and the Republican platform. 

She stated, “When we start de-prioritizing the right to vote in America folks, that is very dangerous. I ask you tonight to please consider the importance and to prioritize the importance of voting.” According to Bloch, her grandmother migrated to the United States from Lebanon for the opportunity to vote. “She kissed the ground and was thankful every day she was here.” Bloch explained that where her grandmother and most of America differ, is her grandmother knows what it is like to truly go without. “We are the beacon of light, the global leader, the best in the word – we worked for it, it has not been given! Your stories, your mistakes, have built what we have today, and we should be proud. We should not dilute that or underestimate what we have done individually and together.”  She emphasized the things she feels make America great and what it has worked so hard for – Capitalism, entrepreneurial spirit, education, and innovation.

When it comes to ideals and values, she explained that she feels differently about things than she did at 18 and 30 years of age, especially when it comes to things like being pro-life. Bloch emphasized that Republicans need to instill in the younger generation, the fundamentals of Republican values – God given rights, to do freely, to work, love and play freely. She feels a big part of being a Republican means, “We all have shades of differences, but the unity that we come back to are the Republican principals and that platform.” 

Bloch mentioned Amy Comey Barrett, who was voted into the Supreme Court shortly after the meeting concluded.  In her opinion, there is not one person or being that had the power to do the timely things that God did to place the opportunity to appoint Barrett in Trump’s path. “God has blessed us,” she expressed, when considering the timeframe of the opportunity.

Bloch advocated for all Republicans running for office across the State, including Mac Warner, JB McCuskey, Patrick Morrisey, Shelley Moore Capito, Caleb Hanna, Governor Jim Justice, and many others. She was impressed by Upshur County’s numbers of 7,548 registered Republicans, compared with only 3,209 registered Democrats. 

Bloch encouraged everyone to get more involved on a local level, on a community level. She continued, “We have to engage people to run for local offices, inspire them to want to be a Caleb Hanna, Robert Karnes – we have got to do that, it’s grass roots!  It’s what made Trump’s campaign,” she explained. 

Bloch works for Trump and is present at his rallies, where she said enormous crowds show up; however, she reported only a dozen people showed up recently for Joe Biden. She referenced Donald Trump’s win in 2016 by saying, “The silent majority stood up.” And she believes they will again in the 2020 election.  She exclaimed, “We are going to vote for Donald Trump, and we are going to keep America great! We have our man, we have our President, and we need to keep him there and then we need to groom a Mike Pence.” 

She concluded the evening in saying, “Let service be in your heart.  I have found this, as National Committeewoman, my capacity right now that God is using me to serve.  But always remember that service is in your heart, to do the best we can, while we’re here, with the people that we’re here with and to look around to see where you can help the most.” 

Representing District 11 for West Virginia Senate, Republican Robert Karnes was in attendance of the CWVRW’s meeting, along with current member of the West Virginia House of Delegates from District 44, Republican candidate Caleb Hanna and Randolph County Commissioner Mark Scott.  Hanna and Karnes both took a few minutes to advocate for Donald Trump and the Republican ticket as well. 

Bloch considers herself a passionate preservationist and enjoys the subject of Architecture. Within the West Virginia Republican Party, she serves as an At Large, Statewide Officer, and Chair of the Finance Committee. She is a member of the National Federation of Republican Women, Kanawha County Republican Women’s Club, and the Kanawha County Republican Executive Committee. She served as West Virginia Co-Chair of the 2016 Trump Victory Committee, hosting Reince Priebus, Immediate Past Chairman, Republican National Committee, and Eric Trump, for a private fundraising. Bloch has been active in civic, cultural and political organizations for three decades and a volunteer her entire life, allowing her to recognize the personal reward of public service. She began her professional career as a licensed realtor and currently serves as a partner of a privately held real estate investment and development company. A lifetime West Virginian, Bloch currently resides in Charleston with her husband of 23 years and son, Thomas. 



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