CWVRW gives toys for trauma

Amanda Posey, Captain Brian Elmore and Beth Day at the Buckhannon Fire Department for a donation of toys intended to comfort children in traumatic situations.

BUCKHANNON — The Central West Virginia Republican Women (CWVRW) recently installed a Christmas Committee to plan and organize a project. The ladies on the committee said they learned of a need within the community and wanted to give back. Beth Day of the CWVRW spoke to an old friend about providing stuffed animals to the various emergency services programs for children in traumatic situations and the idea was soon underway. 

Day got together with her niece who has several small children, and they quickly organized large bags full of stuffed animals to donate. All of the toys were gently used, and many were like brand new. She was reportedly told that the toys must fit inside a gallon-size Ziplock bag for storage with EMS and the Buckhannon Fire Department. Day gathered over 80 stuffed animals to donate on behalf of the CWVRW group. 

Day and Amanda Posey, the committee chair, made arrangements with Upshur EMS and the Buckhannon Fire Department to stop by and drop off the generous donations. The committee also provided boxes of gallon-size Ziplock bags. Upshur EMS Director Gloria Burr appeared very pleased with the donation. Burr stated, “Any time we transport a child, they get a toy. Even if they do not get transported and they are scene at an accident or other traumatic situation, we try to ensure they get a toy, something to give them comfort.” Burr furthered, “We do anything we can to comfort them in any way, shape or form. We also give them to some of our elderly patients because that is what they want; something they can hold on to that brings them comfort.”

Next, the ladies stopped at the Buckhannon Fire Department to make a second donation of stuffed animals. Captain Brian Elmore graciously accepted the stuffed animals on behalf of the fire department. “We usually give stuffed animals out on a car wreck or a fire situation. When we see a young child, we will give them a toy and try to give them some comfort. We normally keep 1-2 toys on the truck at all times, one for a boy and one for a girl,” explained Elmore. 

When unfortunate times arise, it is nice to know that not only do the first responders have safety and care at the top of their list, but they also try to provide comfort to the littlest victims who have the hardest time understanding tragedy. Thank you to all of our brave and devoted first responders, and to the CWVRW for caring about children of the community. 


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