CREATE continues improvements

CJ Rylands posing with the new prototype for the street signs with building information.

BUCKHANNON — Approximately seven years ago, CREATE Buckhannon developed an idea to place vinyl plaques on a few of Main Street’s buildings to tell the historic story of the buildings and the great city. After hanging the signs, it became apparent that they were just too high to really read and enjoy the rich history and determined that the stories needed to be brought down in order to be engaged. 

CREATE devised the idea to put a box-style post that could be installed on the street with four sides to tell the same wonderful stories that are self-guided, promote past cultural tourism, and are authentic. CJ Rylands, CREATE Member and City Councilor, drew up a sketch and provided it to welder Kevin Poling, who created the masterpiece that will be installed next week on Main Street, near the office of Mountain Lakes Insurance. 

Rylands proclaimed, “It represents value to the people.” The box with historic information will reveal to community members and visitors the feel of Buckhannon and help to enrich the environment and ambience of downtown Buckhannon to the public. If the prototype is well perceived, the group will develop more boxes to be implemented and installed in other places.  

It will take a little while to have the vinyl signage completed to fill in the four sides of the box, but the group feels the community will enjoy reading the history, and it will certainly be a beautiful addition to the Main Street area. The Record Delta and the community as a whole thank CREATE Buckhannon for their impressive ideas and continued work to accomplish their progressive projects.


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