Create Buckhannon plans to better the community

BUCKHANNON — Create Buckhannon reconvened their weekly meetings on Thursday, December 2, after taking a week off for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Members of the group met via zoom to take a look at how to best help the community of Buckhannon. Among the items on the agenda discussed included Main Street vacancies, the creation of a youth council and pre-planning for Festival Fridays in 2022.

As multiple Main Street businesses have been left vacant over the past year, Create Buckhannon is working to better the community. The group brainstormed ideas on how to draw in new businesses to fill the vacancies but also offer a wider variety of experience to the residents of Upshur County.

During the meeting, members Laura Meadows and Susan Aloi announced that the very first Buckhannon Youth Council meeting was held on Wednesday, December 1 and focused on what the members want for the future of Buckhannon. The group has 11 members, whom were all in attendance, ready to the need for youth involvement in the community’s future. Two of the biggest discoveries were the large disconnect of communication between generations and the lack of invitation for involvement. Youth members states the want to be involved but they felt like they were not welcome. With the lack of places for kids to congregate, inclusion for the younger generation within the community is not something the members felt was prioritized. With many ideas and issues brought to attention, the council will have many ideas to focus their efforts on. Buckhannon Youth Council will meet again on January 4, facilitated by members of Create Buckhannon.

Festival Fridays will return in the summer of 2022 and will include at least six bands already booked. New to next year’s calendar, Create Buckhannon is planning to let Buckhannon Youth Council take the lead for one entire Friday. The date and further details will be discussed at a future meeting.

The Record Delta plans to cover future efforts by Create Buckhannon and Buckhannon Youth Council in upcoming editions.


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