Create Buckhannon plans for city’s future

BUCKHANNON  The Create Buckhannon group held their weekly meeting via Zoom to discuss future plans for the town of Buckhannon.

The group brought up ideas that included creating a youth council, a water fixture for Jawbone Park, and the demolition of buildings in the coming months. Most of these propositions are just ideas as of now, but will be further discussed at the next virtual meeting on Thursday, September 9 via Zoom.

One item discussed was the future employment rates of Upshur County. A recent survey found that 55% of Americans plan to seek new jobs in the coming year. With unemployment increases that were put in place for the pandemic coming to an end, many individuals will be looking for new employment and others are expected to begin looking for new employment. Businesses that are hiring are welcome to call The Record Delta and place “hiring ads” to help bring in applications.

Local events that were planned for this month, like Truck Fest, have been canceled due to rising COVID numbers. The Children’s Festival’s fate is reportedly still up in the air.

The Food, Foodways, & Farming In Upshur County exhibit will be open at the Upshur County Historical Society through September 26, 2021. The Historical Society will be open Sunday afternoons from 1 to 4 p.m. The exhibit is located at the History Center Museum at 81 West Main Street in Buckhannon.


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