Create Buckhannon installs homes for Wood Ducks

BUCKHANNON — Create Buckhannon, in partnership with Lowe’s, got all their ducks in a row to build and install Wood Duck box nests in the wetlands of Finks Run.

Wetlands, like those of Finks Run, are reportedly a nutrient rich environment and can provide important habitat for wildlife like Wood Ducks, muskrats, snakes, freshwater crayfish and more, explained Create Buckhannon member Scott Preston.

These Wood Duck installations stand as the starter nest for Wood Ducks looking for their first home. “The site offers easy flight path access and lowland swamp terrain,” Preston explained. Each of the locations provide privacy, direct flight path, and running water for the most comfortable accommodations for a duck family — “unsurpassed view, privacy and a flight path requiring mature navigating skills,” Preston noted.

According to Preston, each Wood Duck property can be viewed from Buckhannon’s first scenic overlook located on the right of Gateway West (Old Weston Road) just before the Route 33 underpass. Wood Ducks boast a distinct shape and color—males have a green head with white strips, whereas females are gray-brown with a white speckled breast. Baby Wood Ducks closely resemble the female color pattern.

In addition to Preston, Create Buckhannon member Dale Shannon assisted with the installation and trail blazing, as well as Cody McGee of Lowe’s who supplied the materials for the new Wood Duck homes.


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