Create Buckhannon hosts final meeting before Christmas

BUCKHANNON — Members of Create Buckhannon met via zoom call to discuss plans of action for Buckhannon on Thursday, December 16.

The group, led by individuals of various business and organizations of Upshur County, works together to plan events or projects that help to better the community. With many different perspectives involved in the group, topics of discussion can vary to include anything. For this meeting, the group recapped the previous meeting and decisions made.

During the meeting, members learned of the amount raised to help a select few high school students whom did not quite make the cut for other programs. The group collectively donated a large amount of money to purchase items for these students. Many programs have certain parameters that allow for involvement and it can often cut off students who just barely exceed such parameters.

As a way to help with problem solving in the community, Create Buckhannon is looking for ways to help with the housing issues. There are plenty of rental properties within and just outside the city limits. However, many residents are finding it difficult to secure housing due to rental prices or the rental requirements. The group is looking for a way to offer help to those seeking housing.

The group will pick up with ideas and planning after Christmas with the next tentative meeting scheduled for Thursday, December 30.


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