Create Buckhannon discusses property plans

BUCKHANNON — Building designs that have been in the planning stage for months were finally discussed at the virtual Create Buckhannon meeting on Thursday.

With county demolitions on the calendar, the Madison Street property will need to have an abatement treatment for asbestos that has been found in the building. The current prospective plan is to incorporate multiple ideas to provide useful areas for all residents.

City Architect Bryson Vannostrand is currently working on plans to add an extra 36 to 40 parking spaces, while adding in a possible 2,000 square foot skating area for local skaters.

Of course, while planning to add more hard space, the architect and planners are working to also add in some green space and collaborate with ART26201 to extend the Traders Alley “Pavement Markings” project.

The possibility of adding an area to allow for portable restrooms to be brought in for larger events is also being discussed. Many groups’ voices have been heard during the planning process and the future of the Madison Street property will soon be revealed.

Watch for future editions of The Record Delta for updates on the build.


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